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Every month or so I like to look back on our instagram and do a little round up, it's a great way to see what we have been up too in a snapshot, as well as a way to reflect and be grateful for all those little moments. So I thought I would share a few favourites with you

1. The little man is growing so fast and rocking a little number from Mamas & Papas
2. Getting outside and slowing things down..even when the sun is not shining
3. Warmer weather means sandals, I have been enjoying my mint Jelly shoes and we picked up a new pair of crocs for Mr A who refuses to wear shoes at the moment.
4. We are slowly getting the house ready to sell and have been hanging some prints up.
5. Still editing and going through our trip to London and Holland, love this photo of John and Baby G
6. In the field with a floral cap
7. Baby G's favourite place to nap is in my Papoozle sling
8. Have been making some hama bead birds with Mr A
9. Really inspired by this great photographic book - Humans of New York


  1. What lovely pictures and a brilliant way to reflect and be thankful x

  2. Sounds like you had a very good time, the bird is very cute! I always wanted to read that book, I might haveto grab it on the way home xx

    1. It's a great book - you should so pick it up

      Laura x

  3. Looks like you had a great month. I love it when the weather is warm x

  4. Fab photos! Love the picture of your jellies and cloggs x


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