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Stunning Koh Samui

It's Monday and that means my mind is usually wandering off to far flung places and this week I am dreaming of crystal water and white beaches f Thailand and Koh Samui.

This island is located off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand. It has two basic seasons including rainy and sunny, but there can be rain during the sunny season and plenty of sun during the rainy season. Most people consider February, March and April the best months because they are the driest, but others have visited during the rainy season and had good weather and enjoyed greatly reduced hotel rates.

Kids playing in Koh Samui
Kids playing in Koh Samui

The rainy season is when even the luxury hotels offer budget rates. The rates are as low as 50 percent less. Even though many people know this and plan their travel during September to November, there are still fewer people on the beach, in the nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers. If you can avoid visiting Koh Samui during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, you’ll get the best deals in hotels and have a quiet place on the beach, which is what would suit us as we would be traveling with kids.

Hotels for Any Season

Bo Phut Resort

This resort is right on Bo Phut beach and is surrounded by indigenous plantations. It’s a luxury resort with gorgeous gardens and water features in a tranquil setting. It’s considered the most exclusive resort on the island and has a spa and children’s activities.

luxury Thailand resort
Bo Phut Resort

The Nest Samui

A budget hotel that has full amenities, an outdoor pool and sun loungers and is also near several popular beaches, the Big Buddha Statue and the airport. This is a budget hotel that offers guests a relaxing vacation on this extraordinary island without breaking their budget.

Muang Samui Spa Resort

This five-star resort is right on the beach as well as near some other interesting places such as the Chaweng Thai Boxing Stadium and the Samui Crocodile Farm. It has a beachside bar as well as a pool bar and a rooftop terrace with magnificent views. It also offers a fitness room and a children’s pool. The rooms have complimentary WiFi as well as all the amenities you would expect in a first-rate resort.

Four Seasons Resort

If you’d like to stay in a quiet corner of the island and visit the hot spots only occasionally, this is the resort for you. The villas and suites are on the side of a hill and offer great views of the ocean. It also boasts one of the best restaurants on the island as well as kayaking, a kids club and kick-boxing lessons. There is a golf course just two miles away, and the hotel offers many water sports including windsurfing, diving and fishing.

Vacation Rentals

Throughout the year, Samui offers Airbnb rentals that have the lowest rates on the island. They range from open-air bungalows to luxury villas. In many vacation rentals you’ll find a local who is willing to show you the special places most tourists never see. This may include traditional family meals, special events or hidden, secluded beaches where you can be alone. Some vacation rental owners even offer Thai cooking classes.

Saumi is as close to paradise as any place on Earth, so even if it rains once in a while during your stay, it won’t ruin your lovely vacation, and your vacation budget will go much farther if you travel during the off season.

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  2. After reading this post I now want to go on holiday - they all look gorgeous!

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