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With the Great British Bake off starting in two days time I thought I would do a little kitchen and baking inspired post for this Monday Interiors. As some of you may know I love to pick things up for a deal and we are very lucky to have a large HomeSense in Cardiff which stocks some amazing things for the home and really is like a treasure trove, you have to look through a fair amount but we never leave empty handed and have purchased many things from there over the years and they currently have some wonderful kitchen accessories in store.

pastal interior trend

1. Pink Oil Bottle £16.99
2. Marble chopping board £7.99
3. Striped tea towels £4.99

I really love all the pastel and soft hues paired up with that vintage look, such as the simple but stylish striped tea towels and cute oil bottle which is perfect decanting infused olive oil into. For those who are into baking and fancy trying out some the dishes from The Great British Bake off themselves this Blue Loaf tine for £4.99 would work a treat.

What is your favourite kitchen accessory and will you be watching the show?

Homesense kitchenware


  1. Gorgeous items, I love the pink oil bottle! They would all look lovely with my 'new' dining set!

  2. Such cute items. I'm loving the pastel hues.

  3. I love the marble board . This post is definitely inspiring some cooking and baking love. R


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