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Monday interiors - a Beautiful bed

Oh restful sleep, such a beautiful thing and something I have been lacking of late with the baby. A solid 8yrs really is the stuff of dreams right now but I know we will get there in the end and it's certainly made me think more about making the most of our bedroom space and creating as much of a peaceful haven as possible, even if the nights are broken at the moment.

The one thing I am going to be replacing this week is my pillow, which has lost all it's life and instead of being a soft comfy haven for my head it's turned into a flat and lifeless piece of material. I know this would make a world of different straight away. It's always the little changes that really help and I thought I would put together a list of tips that I have learnt along the way on my journey of trying to achieve restful sleep.

1. Invest in the best Mattress you can afford, at the end of the day you are going to be spending a lot of time on it and you want it to last. A high-quality pocket sprung mattress will offer support when you need it. A few companies offer a try before you buy like Button and Sprung who offer a 100 night return so you can make sure that it's the one for you before committing. They are filled with 100% natural fibres making it not only a comfortable place to lay your head but also an environmentally friendly one.

2. Choose a style of bed you are happy with - to get a good nights sleep you need to feel relaxed and at ease and if something is niggling you then that's not going to happen so make sure the style of bed you pick is right for you, fits your room in terms of design and is something you are completely happy with. So visit a showroom, see first hand the type of upholstered bed you want before spending your money and look around at a variety of styles before spending your money.

3. Treat yourself to some beautiful linen and allow your bedroom to reflect your personality although try and not go too over the top as it would be better to opt for less stimulating colours that will allow your mind to rest. But having quality Egyptian cotton sheets to curl under makes night time that little bit more special.

4. Make sure your bed comes with a Guarantee, especially if it costs a fair amount of money. Button and Sprung come with a standard 10 year guarantee which means you can rest easy at night knowing that if anything goes wrong you will have it replaced.

5. Try and keep your bedroom as decluttered as possible, as having a clean and organised space helps your mind rest. If you live in chaos your mind will feel chaotic and you may struggle to get to sleep. Lavender under your pillows can also help to aid a restful nights sleep.

So I am currently putting most of these to the test as we speak and doing all right with the circumstances, now I just need to find a way to get the baby to sleep through the night and we will all be winning. What are your best sleeping tips?

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  1. I need to follow this post's advice immediately! My bed is okay but definitely not the comfort i need (or deserve :P)

    1. Dana it's so important to get a good nights sleep - hope you find a comfy one soon

      Laura x

  2. A good mattress is essential for a good nights sleep. There is something to be said for the age old tip of having a warm bath and milky drink too.

    1. Ohh yes I totally agree Mellissa - a bath always sends me to sleep

  3. I love the smell of lavender. We have a really comfortable mattress but our frame definitely needs upgrading! x

    1. Yes Lavender is amazing for helping one drift off

  4. love the yellow headboard! and the exposed brick behind the top bed is beautiful x

  5. In case you have a bedroom with white walls and a light brown carpet, you'll easily find a wood made bed to match! Unless of course you're prepared to spend much more money, most wood made bed frames look more or less the same within your wood of choice. best metal bed frame


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