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Every few months or so I like to have a little look back at my favourite memories I have shared across my IG feed - a place I use to capture those little happy moments in our life and has become very much a visual diary of sorts. The past few days we have all been under the weather - my eldest seems to be pretty much back to full steam but myself and Baby G are still in the throws of a bad cold, so all these colourful snaps are reminding us of the recent god weather and adventures we have had of late while we snuggle on the couch on this rainy day.

1. We recently made these cute crayon hearts and I have been giving this Beauty Boost Skin restore cream from Green People a go as the lack of sleep with Baby G has been taking it's toll
2. I join in with the #EthicalFashionCollective and share a snap of my new organic People Tree dress
3. Oh babies are so cute when they are sleeping, just wish this little one would sleep at night
4. My eldest and I had a little date day in Cardiff, it involved lots of coffee, babycinos and cake
5. Exploring Cardiff Story museum in Cardiff with my little workman
6. The new Ralph Lauren Polo Blue fragrance for men is out and just in time for Fathers Day next month
7. Managed to squeeze in a little coffee break at our favourite spot in Pontcanna, Kemi's 
8. When made a break for it and spent are rare warm spring day at the beach
9. A family forest adventure is always a good idea on a Sunday


  1. That walk in the woods sounds really fun, especially when the weather is nice and warm x

  2. That sleeping baby shot is just so cute!! Lovely instagram piccies xx

  3. love these round ups- it's so nic to look back and remember all the good stuff!

  4. These are some fab pictures. I love the one of you with your new hair and your play date one. Can't wait to see all of your May pictures x

  5. Such a great way to look back on a period of time! So loving your short do! x

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love those little hearts, they look fab - and how cute is that baby pic?? :D


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