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When we move we are hoping to have a small study space or extra guest bedroom where our friends can come and stay for a few days and explore the Welsh Capital. Being an expat means that I have lots of friends and family who I would love to visit and the prospect of being able to style a space like this is very exciting. 

Of course space would be limited, a spare room would most likely be the small space such as a box bedroom so keeping things simple but stylish is key to making the most of the room. I have put together a little moodboard of a few key bedroom accessories I think would make the room feel welcoming, comfortable and cosy but still on trend. 

1. In a small room the main furniture would consist of the bed, side table and small wardrobe so space for a large lamp may be limited so this Copper Desk lamp would be a great space-saving choice.

2. I love notebooks and when I travel it's often the time I feel most inspired to write something down, so having a little notebook on the side table for guests is a nice touch, plus how cute is this one Kate Spade

3. Once thing you should always make sure to have in any guest bedroom is an alarm clock and this grey vintage style clock from Newgate is perfect

4. You want to keep a guest bedroom free from clutter so make sure you keep the decor simple although you can add pops of colour with one or two wall prints and this Etsy print from Spell and Tell is so much fun.

5. The small touches are what make a room great and adding a spot of luxury not only help ties in the space but will also impress your guests. Go for something small, as they say quality over quantity such as this gorgeous Spirit Lamp Candle from Net-A-Porter

6. I love cushions as not only do they provide comfort but can also be a key feature to any room so following on from my favourite colour theme of soft pink and gold, this Vermarette Rose cushion is perfection and I really want it for my bedroom

Omero bed
Omero King Size bed

What is also very important is of course the bed. You want to go for the largest size you can fit comfortable within the space, a double or a queen is usually more than adequate. You also want to have something that is sturdy and well made, my preference is for a classic metal frame bed as these tend to stand the test of time as well as being timeless in style such as this one from Bedzrus.

The main thing to remember when styling a guest bedroom is to keep things simple and keep anything unnecessary aside and don't make it too personal. Keep to a fairly cohesive theme in terms of colour-scheme and design and go for quality over quantity when it comes to decorative pieces or wall art. Also it's worth spending a night sleeping in this room as this will allow you to see first hand how comfortable it is and wether there are any small changes you need to make.

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  1. I saw the most amazing thing on FB the other day, it was a wooden storage box that folded out into a double bed! Although thinking about it now you would still have to keep the mattress somewhere so maybe not all that great! Haha x

  2. So many lovely things, I adore the copper lamp. Have a great day. x

  3. I'm really loving the copper elements! I wish I had more space for guests in my apartment but I might be moving out in September! Hopefully I'll have a lovely new spare room to decorate.


  4. Lovely decor tips here. I am so inspired to start decorating. Have a lot to revamp her.


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