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If you are looking at selling up and moving on and want to get the most out of your property then perhaps it would be a good idea to look at amore drastic change than just newly painted walls, fresh flowers and a clutter-free interior to attract those buyers who will fight to get your property. ECL Roofing recently brought out this very interesting infographic that highlights the top improvements that you can make to your home that really will add value.

1. A loft Conversion and extra bedroom - we are currently viewing houses at the moment as we will be moving later this year and I have to say we naturally veer towards those that have a converted attic simply because both John and I are self-employed and therefore could really do with a proper study or office space.

2. Conservatory - if you don't mind losing some garden space then adding a conservatory can be a very smart move and is a very attractive bonus to potential buyers.

3. En-suite - for most having an en-suit in the UK is a real luxury and especially appealing to families and best of all it really doesn't cost that much to install a small and simple toilet and basin, keep the design easy and chic and you are onto a winner.

4. New Kitchen - we have a new kitchen extension in our home and it certainly is one of our main selling points as it's added so much extra space and light with french doors to the garden as well as a dining area. You need to remember that for most they spend a lot of time in the kitchen and therefore needs to be a space that is not overlooked. 

5. Swimming Pool - well for most installing a pool is not an option but if you were looking to make your property really stand out among the others this would be the way to go.

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  1. Oooo this is actually very helpful thank you! We have been looking at ways to improve our property value for a little while!

  2. Loft conversions really are so tempting! I'm hoping to convert my bungalow's loft in the next few years, so much space!


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