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So it has been a bit quieter than usual on this blog of late and there are three main reasons for that
One - We all came down with a horrible virus which we are still not completely over yet but feeling far better than we were. Two - my laptop has been out of action for a week - that may not seem a lot but when your living depends on being online then a week a very long, especially when you have loads of work to do, thankfully it's now fixed. Three - we have been on a mini adventure across the English channel to France.

So I thought to touch base I would share a these four little snaps of our mini break away to Northern France. We have been to France before with our eldest on the Eurostar but this time drove from Cardiff down to Dover and took the P&O ferry across and there is something really wonderful about travelling by sea. We stayed a Hotel Du Park which was an easy 45mins drive from Calais and next to the coast near a small village of Hardelot where we come across a vintage carousel. The hotel was really fantastic and I will share much more about it in a post very soon, as well as exploring Nausicaa Aquarium while we were there.


  1. Aww wicked! I would love to visit France one day, its definitely on my bucket list. Also its good to hear you and the family are better now, theres nothing worse than having a virus!
    Love your blog also, its very cute!
    Ant x

  2. Glad you had a nice trip to France! I'm heading to Bordeaux this June =]

  3. Love your photography... I totally feel for you re: your laptop... Looks like you had a lovely time away :)

  4. Oh, what a nightmare with being poorly and your laptop being out of action. Glad you had fun in France though, I look forward to seeing more x


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