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Spring interior inspiration

spring interior

Oh how I do love the change of the seasons and the one we wait with most anticipation for year after year is spring. There is really nothing more wonderful than seeing the countryside burst into a variety of different colours after the cold winter had left it bare. We often do a spring clean of sorts and find this is a perfect time of the year to change it up in the home and add touches of colour and nature into your heart and soul.

I personally love having fresh flowers in the home and take advantage of the pocket friendly daffodils that are in abundance in stores, often at a pound for a bunch and watching them open up in bright yellow is a great way to add a pop of colour to our kitchen and hallway.

stylish kitchen
Simple, clean and stylish spring kitchen

What is also a very popular trend this year is wooden furniture, pine and exposed wood. People are starting to re-appraciate the beauty of natural wood, it's flaws, indentations, the way it can be hand carved to it's desired shape. I have my eye on Cube Sheesham end table from Quercus living which is bold and a little different but very visually and ascetically appealing to the eye.

Quercus have a stunning range of Sheesham furniture which is handcrafted using traditional techniques using a combination of strong acacia and sheesham wood with it's beautiful grain patterns and sleep, sharp lines this style of furniture fits into so many different styles of interiors from rustic to Scandinavian.

spring interior

I thought I would share a few things I would love to add to my home to welcome in the spring, change and warmer days, with a theme of botanical prints, natural materials and fabrics and soft colours.

1. Choose Happy print by The Motivational type on Not on the High Street
2. Bloomingville Elm Wood stool from Viva Lagoon
3. Green Cactus Wall clock from Society 6
4. Cube Sheesham End table from Quercus living 
5. Heal's trees storage her from Amara
6. Jali Sheesham wine rack from Quercus Living

Are you planning on a little interior change this spring? Or just simply a declutter. either way remember to keep things simple and that flower and nature prints as well as soft hues of green and brown work well on white walls and Scandi inspired spaces. Also wood has made a real comeback this year and if you are going to be making any bigger purchases quality over quantity is always key.

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  1. OMG! I really love the minimalist and polished effect. I am so excited to copy some decor ideas for our home!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. As always your posts have made me want to move into my own home and decorate to my hearts content! I especially love the "Choose happy" print! Xxx

  3. I bought two bunches of daffs yesterday along with the supermarket shop - as you say- £1 a bunch and so worth it! Cleaning my house would be a start for Spring!

  4. I love the cleanliness! It's amazing just how much bigger the room looks xx

  5. I really love the clean look- my house always manages to look cluttered! The daffodils and wooden items are stunning

  6. Love this, such a clean and fresh look

  7. I love the clean minimal look, I just wish I could achieve it in my cluttered house!

  8. It is a good way to make an impact in a tiny space. Home decor is what you make it and you've done well by combining strong elements.I think that other warm shades would have worked well too. Contrasted well with the tile.

  9. I am so excited to copy some decor ideas for your home It's amazing

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