McQueen and Westwood a British Affair


With so many reasons to celebrate what is great about Britain, whether is be the Jubilee, Wimbledon or the Olympics, it's been hard not to get into the swing of things with bunting hanging in every kitchen and cream tea's back on the menu. It's made me think about the amazing home-grown fashion designers this country has produced over the past few years. With two of my all time favourites being Vivienne Westwood and the late Alexander McQueen, if only I could wake up tomorrow with an array of bags and clothes in my wardrobe by these two iconic designers I would be a very happy girl.

It's hard not to love these two designers who take there influence from the British Punk movement and if you like me love stud’s, blacks, prints and anything rock and roll they are ones to check out. I have for many years lusted over the Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutch and one day I will hopefully own one, even though I am a very minimalist person in myself I believe in investing in key pieces that will see you through in the long-term, less is always more in my eyes. When buying an expensive designer garments or accessories I always like to go with brands that have their own unique identity and stand out from he crowd and with both of these designers they have unmistakable iconic features as with Alexander McQueens its the use of skulls and with Vivienne it's the Orb.

Alexander McQueen has some really amazing accessories such as the skull ring, printed scarfs and clutch bags but his dresses are also very well designed and fitted to the female form and are very flattering with an excellent cut, whenever I see anyone in one of his dressed they have an element of effortless style. It's also one of those brands that suits me as a person as I like something more edgy with an element of tomboy and strong features and I feel McQueen captures that. Cruise Fashion, one of my new favourite designer shops has some excellent pieces by the designers with a few even on sale (my favourite words) here are my must haves

Alexander McQueen Black and White dress 
Skull Ring
Alexander McQueen ring £150

Alexander McQueen Wedge shoes on Sale for £213

Skull scarf
Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf £165

Alexander McQueen x Puma shoes - mens - on sale £96

Vivienne Westwood, another great British staple is outspoken, creative, loud and not one to play it safe. She is one of those designers who has a real strong vision of what she wants and is not willing to compromise, you will either love it or hate it with her use of tartan and interesting prints. Her garments are sharp and angular and are fitted in just the right places. Her orb is iconic and I would love to have an orb necklace or earnings. Her designs also appeal to a wide range of ages and are bought by the young and old and I love this timeless feel about Vivienne Westwood.Here are some of my favourites off Cruise fashion

Anarchy bag
Vivienne Westwood Anarchy bag on Sale for £273

Vivienne Westwood Jacket

Vivienne Westwood Bowling Bag for £239

Vivienne Westwood Summer sandals for £75
Vivienne Westwood Mens Cufflinks on sale for £47

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