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If you are a diverse traveller, you will want to blend in with the locals, and live as if you lived in that location. You will want to eat in lesser known restaurants, visit little known areas of beauty and of course indulge in the style of the place. I have travelled to 23 countries so far and I am in love the european style. I have teamed up with Fever London - a great vintage inspired store to share some looks and tips for anyone travelling to europe or simply wanting the continent style

Parisian Street Style

In Paris, the easiest way to blend in with the locals is to dress down the colours. Parisians are very fond of more neutral colours, and particularly the Parisian chic trend tends to lend itself to the blacks and greys. The garments below are perfect for that Parisian looks as they are stylish and sophisticated. It can even be an exciting new addition to your office wardrobe when you return home.

Dress £48.99

Dress £41

Paris top £39.99
If it’s Milan you are visiting, you will want to think again about neutral colours but with a bold flash of colours. They also wear a lot of vintage style dresses and outfits, often in brighter more powerful colours. 

Milan Street fashion

This bright dress is completely in fitting with Milan style. Paired with black tights and maybe a black cropped sleeve blazer, this dress is sure to impress even the most fashion conscious members of the Milan fashion scene.

How about Budapest? You may not see Budapest as a fashion capital, but you would be mistaken. Some incredibly fashionable women can be seen treading the streets of Hungary’s capital city. A trip to Budapest would be most suited with paler colours, such as tans, beiges and light pinks. High waisted skirts and dresses are also the norm. 

Image from the amazing blog Style and Budapest

The dress to the left is a perfect example of the fashion of Budapest. Being light, it is better suited to the warmer weather, and would look perfectly complimented by the natural tan you will get whilst there. The top is nice and free flowing and perfect for a casual look.

And then there’s Stockholm, another new entry into the fashionista list. The style of Stockholm tends to be a little more edgy. It’s all about the layers and a little bit of faux leather and interesting prints paired with accessories. They like to mix classical cuts and styles with edgy modern pieces. 

Stockholme Street Style from Carolines Mode

The dress to the right is typically very classical, and would be also suit a wedding, but add a pair of opaque black tights, a faux leather jacket and sky high heeled boots, and you have captured that Swedish style.

Fever designs

I also love these printed dresses and little Jacket

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