Alexander McQueen Knuckle duster clutch


Alexander McQueens new Knuckle duster clutch bag.........a really edgy punky clutch...personally, I love loads of interesting rings and now you can combine this with a bag to make a real statement - I want it!

Knuckle duster clutch

They are all hard case clutches and come in different colours and materials, you can also buy the knuckle duster jewellery part by itself. Really interesting design and even though they are small the speak volumes.


  1. Stunning pieces! (LOVE McQueen!) I really like both the red and black as they seem to show off the jewelry best. After seeing these something clicked in my mind and I think I'd really love a folded clutch in natural python (I love natural python best -- see my Jalda handbag on my blog to reference the style I'm referring to) giving a bit more room, yet still featuring the knuckledusters. My creative juices are now flowing; I wonder if such a thing exists or could be easily DIY'ed by attaching a piece of jewelry to a foldover handbag?

  2. hmmmmmmm I would be amazing if you made your own one-off piece...not one else would have one.

  3. Have you seen the limited edition Union Jack one... Check it out over at my blog.

  4. I'm totally drooling over the McQueen clutches. They're divine!

  5. Oh, clutch is available in colourful design. i like colourful bags.


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