Mulberry carnival and Nicole Farhi


So it was an early start and I did not want to be late for the 10:00am Mulberry salon show at the one and only Claridges Hotel in London. The one word that pop straight into my mind walking in was almost felt like fashion on an LCD carnival ride with every colour in a sort of mixing pastel shade that had melted into each other without any conflicts or contridictions, so wrong yet so right. As Mulberry described it in their press brief - "This season Mulberry gives us a dreamy take on schoolgirl crushes and fairground iconography", inspired by Sofia Coppola's virgin suicides and Tim Walkers photography this may give you a feel of what I mean. The show started with a sort of distorted fairground jingle as the first extremely tall and thin model came around with alittle pug dog in tow. The bags and outfits were of course of the highest quality and were all amazing and very decadent in style with lots of subtle colour,seasonal prints and oversized details, just like the oversized hair of the models. The heels came both in high and mid hight and most where covered in tassels, while the little betty bow sandals feature cute ankle ties. Fuzzy floral and crazy carousel's really was the running theme. The bags consist of subtle changes on there iconic series with a few new editions, the one standing out for me was the bright neon pink leopard print one that really screamed teen angst and youthful edgyness. I really felt I had stepped into another world, it was like one big dream, I had to shake myself back into reality when I left.

Another amazing venue and show was the Nicole Farhi at the Royal Opera house. Nicole Farhi launched her collection in 1982 and has been showing since London Fashion Week began. Thank-fully the weather was good because the show was running quite late which meant a lot standing around. The house was packed out and the runway was in a sort of sharp-edged figure 8. I stood above the runway and had a great view. Her designes consisted of quite a geometric theme with lots of straight, architectural lines and blocks of colour. Also a few loose knits and vests and dresses with stripes and lines running through most. Overall her collection was very impressive, quite safe but also with enough interesting details and accessories to keep that individual feel


  1. Hullo! I love your blog, stopped by from SITS. I would LOVE to go to a show like that and I'm so excited because I have a vintage dress almost identical to that stripy one. I'm going to look it out later, brush it down and wear it with my new blazer. Who knew I'd be so inspired? Thank you.
    p.s. I think Cardiff these days as the centre of all that is alien, thanks to Dr. Who....*L* A lovely place. x

  2. Hi checking in from SITS

    You've got some great coverage of LFW


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