This weeks scrapbook inspiration


So every few days I am putting together a "real" scrapbook of images that inspire me. I love this Balmain jacket although at about £6,555 I do not love the price, I may attempt to re-create my own version. I am also looking at Helmut Newton's fashion shots a lot these days......I just find the black and white images so effective. So this week is very much about black with a slight edgy feel...also big knitted jumpers.
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  1. That jacket is much detail

  2. stopping by from SITS to say hi! Wow, that scrapbook page looks very cool! I wonder if thats how people design clothes, like by putting different outfit pieces together on a scrapbook and then putting them together in different ways for a new style? its a good idea anyways! :) very cool!

  3. Love the scrapbook - so cool!

    Have added you to my 'daily reads'! Let me know about a 'blogger's soiree'!

    Shopgirl, xx


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