What I really want for Mothers Day


Mothers day

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All parents are different, our needs and circumstances vary massively and while chocolates and flowers are always a welcomed gift they are not always what we want or need. In fact according to a survey done last year by Parents.com, the overwhelming response was either a good night's sleep or a day off/time alone and I am not surprised one bit. Being a parent is the most fulfilling but equally exhausting role you can ever have and women especially often put everyone else first, to their own detriment and wellbeing and that needs to change. 

For myself personally, there are three things (seems like a lot right but really it's not)  I'd appreciate this year is to make as many memories as possible, as my children are getting older I am fully aware that with each year they are going to need me less and less and while at times that feels like a positive it's also an unsettling prospect. I also want to take time to focus on my general health, years of sleep deprivation takes it's toll and lastly just to have some recognition (don't we all).

Instax camera

This year I have partnered up with Boots.com which has a huge range of gifts to suit all types of mums and parents no matter what your interests or priorities are and there’s still time to order and collect from store. I had a browse of all their products and narrowed it down to two things I felt would make Mothers Day extra special. My first choice was a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera which is a great way to capture those one-off moments on our daily adventures. Even though so many of our accessories today have built-in cameras, our lives seem to live digitally but with Instax, I like how you capture one-off unique moments that is then turned into an instant film photo that you can pop into your wallet and keep forever, I also find this is a more mindful and personal way to capture memories. 

instax camera

What is great about the Instax range is that the instant film is easily available in all boots stores and is also cheaper than other Instax film camera makes. The camera also features some nifty features such as automatic exposure, a built-in selfie lens and two customisable shutter buttons, pretty cool right? 

My other top choice was the Ordo Sonic+ toothbrush as dental health and hygiene has such a huge impact on your overall wellbeing and it's something I don't always prioritise (of course I brush my teeth twice daily & floss) but it's something I want to invest in more as I know it will have an overall positive impact on how I feel about my teeth. What I really like about the Ordo Sonic+ is not only is it very stylish, you can also customise it to your own personal needs with 4 different brushing modes. The toothbrush also improves overall gum health and has been designed and approved by dentists. 

electric toothbrush

What I really like about the range at Boots.com is that it offers a lot of useful and practical choices, which is what I personally always prefer. If you are looking for a doable skincare routine, they have it or you want to try out a new hobby such as yoga, they have mats, perhaps you want to upgrade some of your daily electric products such as your hairdryer, they have a huge range of choice or maybe you do just want to pamper yourself with some relaxing bath salts or a new fragrance, you can also opt for experience days and gift vouchers so they choice is really vast. 

Mothers day

*AD This is a Paid collaboration with Boots.com - words and thoughts 100% my own 


  1. When it comes to Mother's Day, sometimes finding the right gift can be difficult. Thank you for providing examples as a mother.

  2. The tooth brush is such an amazing choice, I really hope you get it, it is great.

  3. I love shopping at Boots too. Like you, I appreciate the practical options and they tend to have the nicer quality items too.

  4. I am actually looking for Mother's gift for my mother. Got some ideas here. Thank you.

  5. I got an insta camera for our middle child and she really loves it! I almost wish I got one for myself instead, lol!

  6. Boots is fab for gifts. They are actually one of my go to places. Great ideas, especially the camera to catch all those special memories on.


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