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The seasons are changing and we are finally coming out of the long winter and into what will hopefully be a lovely spring and summer! That means a change of clothing, fewer jackets, fewer layers but still being ready for adventure, exploring and travel. So I thought I would put together some of my favourite summer essentials for those who are hoping to hit the road this year, things that are practical and hard-wearing but also suitable for a variety of occasions. 

1. Durable lightweight flat shoes

If you planning on a city break to some hip cultural European capital or even if you're going to spend the day wandering around historical places like York, you are going to want a good pair of flats, that is lightweight but will last a long time while also being super comfy. Something like Keen women's waterproof trainers which are a hybrid hiker trainer suitable for city adventures as well as off the beaten track trails.

2. Super comfy sandals

Whether you are heading on a road trip, city break or some downtime on the beach, packing a pair of sandals is a must, especially as they don't weigh a lot and are a great alternative to trainers, especially at the end of a long day, putting something comfy on is bliss. A pair that I am loving at the moment are the playoff flat slider sandals from Ego - so soft, like walking on a cloud. 

3. Linen or hemp shorts

Having a light pair of breathable shorts is a must especially when you are exploring hiking trails or are a bit more rural as shorts are more practical than skirts when you are travelling, they are also perfect for beach breaks and are very versatile. I really like the Patagonia island hemp baggies which are great for casual hikes, days at the beach, surfing, skating and being outdoors. If you are not into shorts then summer dresses for women are also a great option, something with a light and breathable fabric. 

Kanken backpack

4. Small backpack

When I'm travelling I want something practical, that is going to fit all my essentials for a day out such as my water bottle, wallet, sunglasses, coffee cup, hat etc and I find a small backpack is a far better option than a handbag. It's more durable, offers better back support and often has more space yet is less bulky. My go-to option is also the classic Swedish Kanken 

5. Sunglasses

As the days are getting warmer and that hopefully means more sunshine, then packing a pair of sunglasses is essential, not only are they a stylish accessory but they also offer much-needed. When purchasing a new pair make sure to look out for glasses that block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB rays, without this they are simply not worth the money. 

6. Bucket hat 

I love that the classic '90s bucket hat has made a return, not only are they super fun but also offer great protection from the sun! There are so many options out there but I am really loving this Pink Cord tie-dyed bucket hat from Ego which would be great for a summer music festival or long days on the beach or river. 

7. Lightweight waterproof jacket

We all know that the weather in the UK is very changeable so having a summer waterproof jacket is a must! I've been using my yellow Lighthouse waterproof jacket for a number of years and I am really impressed with it! It keeps me dry but I don't feel loaded down as its light and small enough to put into my backpack. Perfect for life in the UK. 

waterproof jacket

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