How to Prepare For a Cross-Country Move without the Stress?


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I have been lucky enough to live in a few different countries and locations in my lifetime and I know one thing for sure, moving can be stressful, especially if it's cross country or even overseas and can easily become overwhelming. It goes without saying that even with the nerves there is also excitement and you get to explore a whole new destination. On the other hand, leaving your known neighbourhood, friends and comfort can at times be hard to handle.

Well, with such a mixed emotional feeling, you can’t sit idle without doing anything productive. You have a lot to do as moving for the long-distance consists of several associated moving tasks that are needed to be done perfectly. Yes, you can hire one of the best LA movers in the network of Moving Apt to make your move smooth. Hiring professionals can perform the job with ease.

However, only hiring a reputed moving company may not control your mind from getting stressed. So, what’s the way then? Well, you may consider reading this whole article. If you follow the below steps, you may find yourself stress-free and can manage your next cross-country move confidently and knowing the right lingo when it comes to moving can help as well so do check out this moving glossary. Let’s have a close look!

Don't leave things to the last minute

It's never too early to start moving preparations as there is always more to do than you expected and getting a head start can really help to reduce stress. Instead of rushing, when you start as soon as you have confirmed your move you have more time to perform the associated moving tasks without over-stressing your body and mind. Additionally, starting early helps to execute your planning more conveniently.

See Decluttering as a Positive

There is no denying that decluttering is a part of moving and can be a rather therapeutic one. While many people see decluttering as a negative, one should see it as a way to detox your life of anything unnecessary. Shifting your mental attitude towards decluttering is also another great way to reduce stress related to the move and could even be something you enjoy doing. 

Put your non-essential items to good use

What may not be of any use to you could be exactly what another person needs, so when we declutter it doesn't mean those items need to end up on a landfill, instead, we can put them to good use as well as make your move a more sustainable and ethical one. 

Firstly you could donate your unused items to a charity shop or the other option is to earn a little bit of money by selling them on sites such as eBay and gumtree. 


Take care packing your belongings

Once you have scaled-down your belongings to the essentials then you need to start on the actual packing process and this does take time but doing it properly will reduce stress in the long term as you want to make sure you take care packing your belongings correctly, especially when it comes to fragile items. Always use good quality paper to wrap your items in, as well as bubble wrap and decent boxes that are unlikely to break. Also never hesitate to ask friends and family to help. 

Hire a Reputed Cross-Country Moving Company

It is always best to hire a suitable cross-country moving company when moving for a long distance. Shouldering all the responsibilities to professionals will genuinely reduce your stress level. You’ll get more confidence in moving for a long distance.

However, it solely depends upon you whether you’ll opt for full moving services or opt for a partial DIY move. You can ask for quotations according to your requirements. Opting for full moving services will cost you more than a partial DIY move. However, in both scenarios, you’ll be able to get rid of excess stress and make yourself more confident for your upcoming move.


So, we hope that you liked our efforts to make you stress-free during a cross-country move. If you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comment section. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming move!

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