Tips To Enhance Your Kids Dental Health Routine



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Establishing a routine for children is a lot similar to training your pets, habit and reward does the job! However, when it comes to dental health, brushing and dentist visits, children can be more resistant! Here’s your little guide on how to help your children sport bright and pearly whites all the time!

1. Teach them to brush effectively

Brushing for kids is an event that they are either super excited about, or absolutely detest; there is no in-between. If your kid falls into the second category, you know that supervising them is necessary initially. Make sure that you brush with them so that it can be turned into a fun ritual twice a day. Teach them how to clean the back of their teeth to avoid the development of plaque. Rinsing after each meal is also a habit you must inculcate within your child, no matter where they go; at home, at daycare or in school!

2. Use a tongue cleaner 

The use of tongue cleaners or teaching children how to properly use them without hurting their taste buds is no less than an art. They become zealous at learning their independent big child duties but may go a step too far. Start by demonstrating to them using a plastic tongue cleaner. Avoid the metal ones because they could corrode and put your child at a health risk. Better yet, you could also use the soft bristles of their toothbrush to clean their tongue initially.

3. Regular dentist appointments 

Start early with prioritizing your child’s dental health first by setting up regular dentist appointments. The emergency dental clinic should not only be reserved for when they have a fall and hurt their gums; make sure that a professional takes a look at the dental progress of your child’s jaws, gums and teeth because it could save you a lot of trouble in the future. For instance, a dentist would be able to point out a jaw alignment issue when the initial signs show. The role of a dentist in your child’s life must begin at an early age so that they can be guided well.

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4. Avoid eating after brushing at night 

There is no cardinal rule that one can’t eat after brushing at night, but it also means that they’ll have to brush again to get rid of all the food debris before sleeping. When we sleep, the particles stuck between our teeth and in our mouth can lead to cavities and tartar. This is why it is advised to allow no sweets or snacks after brushing at night. Get your kids their meals and sweets before they brush and dress for bedtime!

5. Flossing and rinsing 

Introducing dental floss at the right age is necessary as it preps them to look after their permanent teeth later in life. Milk teeth are not as deeply rooted in the gums as permanent teeth. This is why parents must be careful to not floss baby teeth too much- they could loosen quickly. Instead, teach them to rinse well to get rid of the primary particles and use floss only for the stubborn spots.

Wrapping Up

Dental health is often overlooked but plays an important role in a child’s life. Their precious smiles deserve to be cared for and preserved, which is why we advise you to use our tips and create a routine!



  1. It can be so difficult to make sure they are brushing properly. We use electric toothbrushes and mouthwash, I also have a tongue scraper

  2. A tongue cleaner mmmm I've never heard of this before. We take dental health and hygiene very seriously. I am looking this up immediately.

  3. These tips are so important. I have nieces and I always teach them how to maintain proper hygiene.

  4. It is good to start early with healthy habits. Dental health is so important!

  5. I had not thought about a tongue clearner, but we need to add those into our routine! We do not ever eat after a nighttime brush.


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