4 Small Changes That Have A Big Impact On Our Health


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Our health is a fairly big deal. No one really wants to feel bad or have health problems. Unfortunately, plenty of us are running around after children or trying to get s good work life balance in a world that is increasingly becoming more hectic and stressful, all of which can take it's toll on our health. Many of us know we are not running at our best or most efficient but it can feel like we have to make huge changes to our lifestyle in order to be healthy which is simply not true. It's often actually the small changes that can have a big impact and help boost your health in big ways without you even noticing.

Sleep is Extra Important

This is something I really need to work on and can be harder said than done when you have a toddler who seems to think sleep is optional. Saying that it's very much a propriety for myself an should be for everyone as sleep has an incredible impact on our health and it is also one of those things we sacrifice easily. The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep per night, more for children and teens. When we get a proper nights rest, we see changes in our day to day lives. Such as:

· Improved memory
· Curbs inflammation within the body
· Encourages creativity
· Sharpen attention
· Aids in healthy metabolism and a healthy weight
· Lowers stress
· Less prone to depression

We can develop sleeping issues for a variety of reasons, poor routine, stressful jobs, having children but it can also be due to an old mattress or the wrong type of mattress. If you are struggling with sleep perhaps looking into purchasing a new mattress to suit your needs, we did that with John who was suffering from a horrible bad back, to a more supportive mattress and it really helped. Companies like Bedding Mart can help you in finding exactly what you need for the best nights rest you can get.

Importance of sleep

Water is Your Inexpensive Path to Health

Before running out to your grocery store to stock up on the latest power food your favorite news site did an article about, grab yourself a glass of water. Water is the best thing to introduce to your diet first. Water acts as a detoxifier to the body and so many of us don’t drink enough water. With the inundation of fruit juices and sodas to our markets, we just think we are hydrated as long as we are drinking something. Juices in moderation are fine for extra vitamins and minerals but too often means extra sugar in our diet. The majority of sodas and energy drinks are so full of sugar that they should rarely be consumed, in fact personally I avoid these. Sugary drinks dehydrate us rather than hydrate and your best option for hydration is a glass of water. If you are not a fan of plain water, which is often a complaint, add a slice of watery fruit to your glass for a flavorful kick. Lemon, lime, berries, and apples are perfect examples of fruit to add to your water. Just be mindful of how much you are using!

Keep hydrated

Walking Your Way to Health

When it comes to exercise, we will make all sorts of excuses as to why we can’t squeeze in a workout. The reality is, we can make time for it if we so choose to. If you think you need to join a gym to get those workouts in, think again! A simple 20-30 minute walk a day around your neighborhood will be plenty to promote a healthier body. The act of walking can release endorphins that keep depressed emotions at bay. Heart doctors have been prescribing walking for years for people at risk of heart disease. Walking is low impact and easy to do, requiring no equipment other than comfortable sweatpants and a good pair of shoes. If you want to increase impact, get ankle weights or carry hand weights.

4. Talk it through

I think we often under estimate how good it is for us to talk things through, to hear our problems and discuss them with others can really help to put things into perceptive as well as make big problems seem smaller and more manageable. This could be confiding in your best friend, partner or family or perhaps you feel you need to take some time for yourself and see a professional. I don't think we should put off by the term "Therapy" which is can be such a positive thing, I have had therapy in the past and found it really beneficial. If you are like me however and are short on time then access these professionals online is easier than ever and if you feel you need an outside ear to discuss things with this could be a great option.

Taking care of our health always seems way more complicated than it truly is. Moderation is key when it comes to our eating habits, hydration, getting up and moving about, and getting plenty of rest is truly what we need. 


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  1. These are all so true! I am guilty of staying up late and I've recently tried drinking more water. Eight glasses a day and I'm feeling good. We have the dog to keep us walking so I guess it's all about sleep for us. You've made me realise I need to work on it a bit more! X

    1. I am also guilty of going to be too late - something I am really trying to work on! Also drinking more water because it's just so good for you

      Laura x

  2. I agree completely with all of the above, I like to keep well-being at the forefront of my mind because it is so easy to forget to take care of yourself!

  3. I am sleep deprived since I have a 16mongh old girl but I do try to catch a nap here a day there. I also walk a lot.

  4. Completely agree with these - they're all very inexpensive or FREE too so no excuse for not doing them really.I've been trying to drink more water recently and have noticed a difference - I just need to work on my sleep now x

  5. We drink a lot of water and hike a lot in our family but we do sleep very bad. Especially my husband who could wake up 3am and stay awake...4-5 night in a week! This is our biggest issue we have in our family and he does sport regulary, do yoga and meditation every evening since 7 years, dont drink or smoke, dont like sugar and work 80%. We have been thinking to put my husband in a sleep center where he will be sleeping a couple of nights where will be testing his sleep pathern!

  6. I can one million percent say that sleep is the biggest factor - it really improves a day when you get the right amount of sleep you’ve needed from the night before

    Mel // meleaglestone.co.uk

  7. I am so with you with the water being essential. So many people dont get enough!!

    Phoebe : www.phoeberaye.com


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