Why It's Easy To Fall In Love With Jewellery


My mother has some beautiful rings, ones I know she is planning to pass down to me, I remember being mesmerised by them when I was a child and even though the worth my not be massive they hold sentimentality as well as being very well made. They will become one of those things I know I will hold onto until I want to pass them onto one of my own children because the thing with jewellery is not only an exquisite form of art that can add emotional meaning to your life. It can also be wonderful for celebrating milestone events, weddings or birthdays with birthstone jewellery.

In fact, for someone who appreciates the complicated craftsmanship of making handmade jewellery, to me it's really is kind of art form of which creators spend their whole life perfecting. I also love vintage pieces and it can be a real thrill of finding unusual pieces discovered by accident in unlikely places such as charity shops or car boot sales.

If you love jewellery or simply have an interest in the craft than you're probably eager to learn a little more about it, and with that in mind, here are some tips on picking just the right item as a gift for a special occasion. Deciding what pieces will fit both your personality and your style and figuring out when to wear costume jewelry and when to wear expensive pieces.

Jewelry as a Gift for Special Occasions

We all have special occasions in our lives that have to be celebrated in a memorable way. You can make any special occasion even more delightful by choosing just the right jewellery. A special occasion, perhaps popping the question to that special someone, requires you to shop for just the right piece, like moissanite engagement rings, which come in white, black, rose, or yellow gold of either 14- or 18- karats.

You need two things to pick the right piece of jewellery 

-Understanding the personality and interests of the recipient
-Going to a source where you can choose from a wide assortment.

When to Wear Costume Jewelry and When to Wear Fine Jewellery

Many people assume that the difference between costume jewellery and fine jewellery is the quality of the artistry. This is not necessarily true. Costume jewellery can also be made with real craftsmanship. The difference is mainly in the materials.

Costume Jewellery usually uses plated metal, for instance, a base metal like brass. Still, you may not recognize it as brass because it could be covered with platinum, silver, or gold. Adding to the confusion, some costume jewellery may actually be made of authentic precious metals like platinum, silver, or gold, however, it is set with manufactured stones. Meanwhile, fine jewellery is constructed with both precious metals and stones. In addition, white and yellow gold, to be officially considered as such, must be a minimum of 10 karats.

Deciding when to wear costume jewellery or fine jewellery depends on the social setting and where your planning on going such as a friends wedding, graduation, birthday or cocktail party may require different things. As with most things it's best to dress to the occasion and that also applies to accessories and jewellery but it's also important to have fun with it, wear what makes you feel good and don't feel nervous to express yourself through your accessories as well as your clothes.

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  1. Oh I adore crystal and birthstone jewellery! Some fab tips here for sure.


    1. I really love birthstone jewellery as well!

      Laura x

  2. I'm a jewellery addict, I recently treated myself to the most expensive ring I've ever owned to celebrate my business doing well. Now I wear a costume ring most of the time and switch to the fine ring for special events and when I want to show off.

    1. Oh wow what a cool way to treat yourself - thats amazing

      Laura x

  3. this autumn I love wearing green and crimson gems, it's a trend!


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