Change Your Wardrobe Change Your Life? Clothes Can Make A Difference



Can dressing better improve your life?

Personally when I feel good in the clothes I am wearing whether it's just casual attire or a little bit more dressed up for an evening out I do feel better. The way you dress influences perceptions, and in certain situations that count, like work, it may create a more positive impression. Often, dressing well also changes how you feel about yourself and make you feel empowered, for example if you go to work  dressed in a sharp and stylish way it can make you feel more confident, which can translate into more productivity, especially when it comes to speaking up at a meeting, or negotiating a contract. The same can be said during the school run or in social circumstances.

Of course this isn't always possible if your a busy parent, things do slip, I know they do for me anyway so decluttering your wardrobe and developing a capsule wardrobe is key for being able to put outfits together quickly and on the go that you know are going to fit well, are practical and make you feel good about yourself. 


Here are a few tips for creating a feel good wardrobe

1. Have the basics covered 

Things like well fitted jeans and a white t-shirt never go out of style and you can also dress this up with a necklace or some brogues. The main thing to do here is instead of having tons of different styles is to invest in a two or three classic pairs from a well trusted brand that you know is going to last you a long time.

2. Accessories 

Only keep what you love, it's so easy for a wardrobe to become cluttered with loads of different types of accessories from bags, jewellery to hats and sunglasses, the thing is our tastes change so if there is something you have not worn for more than a year than its time for that to go.

3. Invest in quality 

This is so important and as they say less really is more and investing in quality workmanship when it comes to clothes with really benefit you in the longterm as well as opting for classic styles over short-lived trendy items. 

4. Buy a few high-quality shoes.

For some strange reason, good shoes will attract the most compliments from men or women, even if you happen to be wearing, say, a gorgeous cashmere sweater that looks perfect on you. According to a Huffpost article on quality shoes by Vishesh Kochher, the founder of a men’s footwear company producing Goodyear welted shoes, “Three key factors make up a timeless pair of shoes: craftsmanship, materials and construction.” 

5. Have a Go To Evening dress or Suit

Both men and woman need to have a go to smart outfit that they can rely on for evenings our or smarter occasions. Opting for a fail safe little black dress that you can accessories with some jewellery is always a good option and for men a well tailored suit is a must and if you really want to push the boat out they could get one from Saville Row or a custom tailored suit with FERREIRA's European tailors. It will take about 90 minutes to get your fitting and you can't go wrong especially as you get to pick the finishing details.

The main aim is improving your wardrobe can have a positive impact on your life because it can make you feel empowered, affect how others perceive you, can influence your own level of confidence no matter how unique and individual your look is as long as your happy that will show. Over time, with experience, you'll learn how to keep your style fresh and interesting.

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  1. I am really trying to retain myself to invest in better quality. I think I was in & out of styles etc in my teens and 20's but now I can get years and years out of well made clothes and I really would like to try to buy better quality but less!

  2. I've been stuck in a frumpy mummy stage for such a long time, so I've recently bought loads of new clothes to help make me feel better. It really does work!

  3. I really think that how you dress can be such a mood booster. I need a wardrobe update desperately.


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