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Khaki jacket & keeping it simple

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Don't you just love it when you come across something you know is going to work with so many things and be used over and over again. As I am trying to minimalise so much of life right now so when purchasing clothes I know are going to contribute to a cohesive capsule wardrobe for the coming season is really important. I've been looking for a simple olive green/khaki jacket for a while so when I came across this one in TopShop I knew it would be a good choice and while I had a more tailored shirt or jacket in mind I really love that this one is more loose and casual.

military jacket

I have paired up this jacket with a simple white tee from Mango and a pair of skinny jeans with Ankle boots from Wallis and a Bowler hat from Urban Outfitters with some glasses from the H&M Conscious recycled plastic collection. At the moment I am really enjoying keeping things fairly simple and adding to it, I do however love the colour but I am just playing around with a few things as I just to reduce any excess in the house and I did add a little bit of colour with my new Burts Bees lipstick.  I think this is likely to become somewhat of my go-to look this spring, what is yours this season?

minimalist style


  1. That jacket looks great on you, a nice look for the (almost) summery weather we're having at the moment!

    1. Thanks so much :) yes looking forward to the warmer weather

  2. This hat looks great on you! I wish I could pull off wearing a hat, I look ridiculous in them :-(

  3. I really like this jacket! It is very simple, yet very stylish!


    1. Thanks so much - I agree, simple but stylish

  4. Amazing outfit! I love your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


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