Why I've Opted IN for Organ Donation


My organ donation card came through a few weeks back and I filmed a little vlog about my reasons on opting in for organ donation, I was undecided on whether to press publish and share my reasons why but after losing a close friend to cancer and the recent terror attacks in Manchester I feel that it's actually an important time to talk about topics such as this which can have a huge impact on someones life.

So for many years I have been on the fence when it comes to Organ donation although I also have to be honest with myself and say that I never really took it seriously or sat down and really thought about it properly. This year there have been a few changes, I have been detoxing my life of so many things as I journey on my minimalist challenge and it's taught me a lot about letting go both material and emotional baggage as well as taking join in the small things, random acts of kindness and being even more conscious of the footprint we leave on this world.

Becoming a mother has also without a doubt affected my outlook on life, joy, happiness, pain, fear and everything in-between. It's also forced the topic of mortality into my head and what little control we have over that. I am grateful daily that I have two healthy children but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone and having experienced a little of what that feels like when they told us a couple of hours after my youngest was born there was a risk he had Spina Bifda (luckily he does not) it's a path thrust onto parents with no choice. There are children and adults out there with chronic and life threatening illnesses of which only organ donation can cure, that could be your child, sibling, mother or father in need and with that each of us essentially hold the key of life for someone.


No one likes to think about what happens after they die but I do know I will no longer need my physical body and knowing that I could help someone when we live in what seems like a manic and unpredictable world is a good feeling to have. Society in so many ways feels like it has changed a lot since I was a child and the older I get the more I realise the truth of the saying "Be the Change you want to see". I want my children to live in a world where others really care about it each other, seeing the bigger picture and moving forward to make a better more sustainable world.

Also as we get older our own health needs change and there may be a time when we are relying on someone else when it comes to our wellbeing. In Wales they have actually changed the rules and you need to opt out or register your decisions. By opting in you can choose what you would and wouldn't like to donate, you can also change your mind at anytime. It's certainly something to think about and whatever decision you do take make sure to inform your loved ones and they know your decision either way.


  1. Hi Laura, has this changed as I thought everyone in Wales was now opted in unless they specifically opted out? I am definitely opting in

    1. If you don't do anything they deem that as consent so you have to Opt Out or confirm your In (well thats what I understand of it anyway)

  2. It's an important thing for us to do and I'm inclined to think the Welsh government have it wrong and it should be opt out not opt in.

  3. Well done. You're right I one likes to think about it but it's so important x

  4. I think this is a great idea, I'm with Melissa I thought it was automatic opt in for Wales, I didn't realise you had to confirm. xx


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