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Dressing to feel and look your best is all about being more positive. Of course, most women have insecurities about their bodies, but choosing a dress that flatters your figure is the best chance to celebrate your body. It is now time to shed your perfect body checklist and work with the features that you have.

With some guidance from experts, you should be able to play up your assets and embrace your imperfections. Here are the different types of body shapes:

Pear Shaped 

If you are a pear-shaped woman with fuller thighs and hips its best to choose a dress that is not too short but rather one that is loose in the right places and tailored in the right places to give you shape without being clingy and shows of your best parks. Opting for an A-line skirt that is not too wide is a good option.

How will you know that you are pear shaped? Women of this shape tend to wear a different size on top than on the bottom. You can add width to your top using horizontal lines or bright bold colours and keeping your lower half in dark colours and why not try a two-piece instead of a one-piece dress as this may offer you a better fit.

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Apple Shaped

Are you apple-shaped? Or like me do you have a small torso? I'm only 4ft11 so even though I have a slim build some of these tips help petite women who want to elongate their appearance draw attention away from your waist. Choose a dress with an empire waist that redefines your natural waistline. You should also stay away from thick belts that cinch around your midsection and opt for a sash belt or loose chain slung low on your hips.

Also, another tip is to emphasize your shoulders to make your waistline look narrower and opt for a structured jacket that accentuates your shoulders and has enough detailing to balance your hip-to-shoulder ratio visually. If you have fuller arms that you would like to draw attention from, stay away from cap sleeves and select full-length or three-quarter sleeves.

Small bust

According to the owner of Azazie, you should stay away from plunging necklines if you have a small bust. Instead, you should opt for a scoop neck with sequins or other adornments that add more style to your top. To add more dimension or depth to your bust, you should consider wearing layered necklaces.

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Slim body

If you're looking to add little bit more bulk or texture to your outfit, you should consider adding more layers to your outfit by wearing a fitted jacket or cardigan. A thick belt can also add some definition to your waist and give you a bit more shape. Adding patterns, ruffles and peplums can also help create a more curvaceous appearance or if you really want to own that slim figure you could opt for a bodycon or bandage dress

Whatever your body type is, you can always find a dress that flatters your figure. You should learn your body type, as this will help you to choose the best dress for it. Learning your body type will also save you from many hours of frustration that you would spend deciding what to wear.

Regardless of your body type, the most important thing that you can do is love yourself. Just remember to accentuate your best assets and do not obsess over your negatives. When you dress with confidence, you will feel and look beautiful too.

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  1. Great advice and lovely photos, I spy the St David's centre in the last one ;)

    Mel ★

  2. Some super style advice Laura! Do you know I would never have guessed you were 4ft11 - I'm only 5'1 myself and unfortunately not a slim body shaped :-(

  3. I'm pear shaped and usually find buying dresses quite difficult. This has been helpful thank you x

  4. I never know what kind of dress to go for when I go shopping so I stick to the same style all of the time (tea dress). These are great tips x

  5. oh i love that stripe dress, i might have missed it but where is it from please?

  6. Lots of great tips here! I love the striped dress.

  7. I believe that regardless of body type you should be able to dress how you want and I applaud you for telling readers to love themselves :) x

  8. Love the jacket in the third photo, such a pretty colour. Great advice, a really helpful post. x

  9. Do you know what, I don't think I know what shape I am any more. I used to be pear but having kids has made me a very odd shape indeed!! x

  10. If you have confidence you call pull off most styles! Well done for reminding us women to love ourselves and dress to make us happy

  11. Great post! I always find dresses a bit tricky because of my broad shoulders but I've kind of gotten to know which ones suit me now.

  12. I am apple shaped sadly and find it tricky hiding my waist


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