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Short or Long Hair and Self esteem

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I know, some may say it's a trivial subject to discuss but our hair really does have so much to do with our self esteem and can have an impact on how we feel on a daily basis. Having a bad hair day/week/month can really start to get you down and I know personally that affects how I see myself, my mood and even in some ways my productivity as I feel less together to face this manic world. It's also one of those things that needs to be maintained and looked to ensure healthy roots and scalp and in the same way we brush our teeth twice a day you need to take time to look after your hair.


I have hit a bit of a brick wall lately with mine, I am in a weird in-between stage where my pixie cut has grown out and I am starting to resemble Justin Bieber circa 2009 and it's not a good look. The thing is do I carry on and try and grow out this mop top which is currently still style-able with clay or do I cut it short again?

With both pregnancies my hair grew so fast so this in-between stage didn't last long but then when you have a newborn, one of which who loved nothing more than pulling on my long hair a pixie cut felt very appealing for the get up and go aspect when you are already sleep deprived and are short on time. I even did a short hair makeover vlog about this a year ago which I will add to this post. So I thought I would weigh up the pro's and con's since I have had both very long hair and very short hair and if your looking for similar advice this may help.

bob haircut

Long hair

1. You can style this in so many way including the popular top knot or plaits
2. Longer hair does require more attention and maintenance especially if you straighten or blow dry your hair regularly.
3. It can take longer to style if your going for a pacific look
4. You can easily tie it up and keep it out of the way.
5. More flexibility when it comes to trends as you can cut it little shorter or have more dye if you want.

Short hair

1. Easy to maintain
2. Quick to style and get-up and go look.
3. Less options when it comes to creating different looks.
4. Doesn't suit every one (although has a lot to do with inner confidence and I believe as long as you love it you can get away with any look)
5. Perfect for busy mums and those very time short.

Knowing myself and knowing how little time I have in the morning to actually look after myself I will probably opt for going short again. I know its a look that I am comfortable with even though it offers less flexibility when it comes to styles but it offers me a great solution for my life at the moment and I always feel good once it all comes off and I get out of this in-between look I'm currently stuck in. Don't get me wrong I love long hair, I often look at photos and think wow couldn't I have it that length right now but I also know I am not fantastic at being on top of it each day.

French bulldog

I am very lucky to have very thick hair which is also why it's a lot of work when my hair is longer. It's something that runs in my family as my mother has extremely thick hair as does my brother but thats not the case with everyone and it's something I am really grateful for. As I said before hair can have a real impact on how we feel about ourselves, I have this issue when it comes to my teeth which could be better than they are and I know if my hair was thinning I wouldn't be comfortable with that, which is personal to me as everyone has different priorities and different aspects they are more conscious about.

The good news is that they are making real advancements in hair treatment and Harley Street Hair Clinic has seen fantastic results with Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment. It's something in fact John may consider in a few years to come as unlike myself the thick hair trait does not follow in his family and I know its something that would impact him deeply even if he wouldn't like to admit it. Whatever you decided long or short, colourful, straight or shaved right off do what feels good because this will have a positive impact on how you feel

Short hair style


  1. I think both styles would suit you but with a little one maybe the shorter hair style would be more manageable.

  2. Hair is so intrinsic to our self esteem! I recently cut a whole bunch off mine and plan to cut a bit more off after discovering a new hair routine that works better for my curls so I want to let them spring up as much as I can, and it'll be the first time I've had short hair in years

    1. I know right, it really is connected! Glad to hear your new hair routine is working so well

      Laura x

  3. I think you really suit a pixie cut :) I think you suit long hair too, but when I think of you, I think of a pixie cut :)


    1. Thanks Georgina! I think I will go back to a pixie cut as well :)

      Laura x

  4. This post is exactly what I needed! I've always had long hair but lately I wan't to cut it all off and having someone else weigh up the pros and cons is a real help haha :)

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