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I had a really nice, intimate 21st birthday with my closest friends in Cape Town where I hired a small Italian restaurant bar for some good food, cocktails and fairly civil socialising. For my 30th two years ago I decided to head down to the South of France and celebrate with family in the sunshine. With John's 40th looming closer, okay so it's still more than 2yrs away but these things sneak up on you quickly, I have started to think of a few fun ideas of how to celebrate that milestone.

The thing I have never really thrown a proper themed party before although I have attended a few and they have always been a lot and what could be better than the glamour and intrigue of a James Bond themed party or ball? Check out our top tips on a Bond-themed bash that will go with a real bang!

Dress code

The glamour of Bond is a fun dress code to adhere to - and it’s not too tricky to adhere to. Sharp suits for the gentlemen and eveningwear or tailored suits for the ladies in attendance will keep your event classy and on-theme. It’s an appealing theme for any guest, as they’re likely to have something suitable in their wardrobe already, and won’t need to source a new costume!

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Instead of having waiters circulating with champagne on arrival, why not swap out your welcome drink for a Martini? It’s a pretty potent drink, so you might want a more palatable cocktail on offer too - but make sure it’s served in a Martini glass to keep with the theme.


The Monaco lifestyle certainly comes to mind when you think of James bond so what no go full out and hire some blackjack tables and professional dealers to provide some entertainment for your guests. Gamble with drinks vouchers if it’s a corporate event, or with the proceeds going to a charitable cause, that way no one really loses.


Music is a key way to set the tone for any event - and there are some songs which will instantly remind people of the Bond films in which they feature. You won’t want a playlist that’s entirely James Bond themes, but scatter them throughout the night to stay in keeping with your theme for the evening.

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If you’re planning an event with a James Bond theme then you’ll have to get in touch with Roger Moore’s booking agent. He’s available through his booking agency to make personal appearances, and what better way to add some wow-factor to your party than with a real life James Bond in attendance?

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  1. This made me smile, I am in fact doing James Bond as the theme for my 50th this year, thank you for the tips!

  2. A real life bond at the party oh yes please lol. I was actually planning of what to do for my 30th and could only come up with waking in Paris.

  3. My 30th is coming up, so this could be an idea... x


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