5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Sofa


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It's that time of the year when you want to curl up on a comfy sofa with a big mug of coco and some warm throws, arms around the kids or with a book in hand and wind down the day. The thing is both of our sofas are getting on a bit, they are well used but are like a Chesterfield which get's better with age, rather with our two the legs on both are starting to go, mainly do to an overexcited 5yr old who thinks it's very funny to jump from one to other, turned into a den or simply form just being used daily by a family of four, so we are on the hunt for some new sofas.

father and son
Could these two look more comfy?

It's surprising how important and central a sofa is to a room as they need to be inviting, comfortable as well as fit into the space rather than consuming it. You want your sofa to make your room feel spacious rather than small or cluttered with furniture that is too bulky. As buying a sofa is a rather large investment you need to do some pre-planning when it comes to picking the right one and it's always worth going with a company you know will provide you a quality item such as Camerich whose beautifully designed pieces of furniture are made by master craftsmen at affordable prices and they stick by their word by offering a 15yr guarantee on contemporary sofas meaning it should become a real part of your family home without the fear of falling apart as is the state of ours at the moment.

stylish sofa
Crescent two-seat sofa

Here are our top tips for buying a sofa

1. Firstly you need to decide on the style and make sure it ties in with everything else in the room as it's quite a large purchase you want to know it's going to work well within your space. Also, take into consideration the longevity of the sofa and opting for something simple and chic that you can dress up with throws and pillows rather than something to stylised or too much on-trend.

2. Decide on the purpose of the sofa - is it going to be a place for the whole family, do you need a 3 seater or even a sofa bed? Is it going to be somewhere you will be relaxing in your free time and therefore you want pillows that are comfortable but also fairly firm, or is it simply more of an occasional piece of furniture such as a chaise long?

3. Make sure to take measurements - this is very important and should never be overlooked and also check the size of your front door and that you can get it into the house.

4. Purchase a good quality and well-made sofa, whether new or secondhand go with a make that you trust and won't let you down, do your research and when you go to pick it up check the frame is sturdy and that have a little "test drive" by sitting on it for at least 5 minutes.

5.  Make sure that the sofa ticks all the current fire safety requirements, there should be a tag somewhere on the sofa that certifies it is made in accordance to fire regulations.

Personally we would love to have a chesterfield or something out of Mad Men but as we don't know what our next properties is going to look like it's quite hard to make that final decision but we are having fun putting a wish list together so long anyway.

Avalon Chaise 

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  1. I really need a new sofa but finding the perfect one is hard!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  2. Great tips. I bought new sofas earlier in the year. I'd seen them advertised on TV the previous year and fell in love with them. We paid extra for foam cushions so they always look plump and for a stain guard which has been brilliant with our twins!

  3. It's so important to take measurements I agree! We have a flat and getting a sofa up the stairs is a nightmare.

  4. I took ages to find the perfect sofa, we literally walked around for hours and hours around stores and stores..!
    In the end went for the most basic sofa and dress it up with cushions x


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