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I have only been to America once when I was 9 and it was the colourful and sugar coated Disney dream of a trip, a trip that will always hold magical memories, but now I want to go back for an experience that is somewhat different. Both John and I would love an extended stay in the US, an adventure through this huge country as well as taking in Canada as well, perhaps driving across the Canadian highway from Montreal to Vancouver then down into the States and driving back from San Fran to New York. We want to be inspired by the vast never ending landscape, the cultures, accents, all the different style of properties from high-rises in New York City to the ranches in Texas and everything in between by hopefully taking in all the States.

I have slowly been researching different areas and even if we never get to do the mammoth road-trip we envisage there are a few places we would still like to visit if even on for a weeks holiday. One of them being Park City in Utah and especially at this time of the year with it's world-class skiing as it's home to the largest ski resort in the US as well as an array of stylish accommodations, shopping, award-winning cuisine and plenty or relaxation options there would be something to suit all of our needs. One of my all-time favourite family holidays was our skiing trip to Austria in my teens and with each passing winter we are talking more and more about taking the boys on their first skiing and snowboarding trip, especially my eldest who is starting to take up a real interest in board sports.

Skiing resort Utah

I have to admit we have a bit of a strange dynamic in our household, I love being active, out there, and trying something new, I would be the first person in line to pick up a snowboard each morning and head onto the slopes with my eldest while John actually prefers retail therapy, down time, relaxing in a hot tub or his favourite pastime that is watching films which is perfect as Park City is home to that famous Sundance Film Festival. A place like this would be perfect for this type of dynamic as we would both get a lot of out it, making it a great family friendly choice, especially with all their renowned ski schools and children’s programs as well as a huge array of off-slope activities.

Park City utah

Another element of a holiday like this is experiencing new surroundings and indulging in my passion for interiors and I would love to see first hand inside Utah’s only Forbes 5-Star and AAA 5-Diamond hotel the Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley – with it's breathtaking and awe inspiring backdrop to it's luxurious but still rustic interiors one would be able to indulge in that magical snow-covered winter experience in front of your own log fire looking out across mountain views with a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine if you prefer and enjoying that kind of relaxation only a holiday away in new surroundings can provide.

Perhaps it's just me but when winter falls I am all about the romantic and traditional side of things and to spend it in a place a special as Park City would tick all our family friendly travel boxes thats for sure.

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  1. Oh wow what a lovely lodge, especially when its lit up. Great post x

  2. Ahhh what a dream! I'd absolutely love to visit Utah (and do a huge trip across the US, actually). Looking up flights now... *sigh*

  3. This looks gorgeous! I have to confess that I'd probably be with John, chillaxing by a fire somewhere - snow is NOT my natural medium!

  4. How great would it be to tour the US and Canada. Park City looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

  5. I can totally imagine you going here! Right up your street! :)

  6. Those pictures make it look like a winter wonderland, just beautiful.

  7. It looks amazing!! We are so desperate to go over and spend some time in Canada and the states, the plan is to head over a bit later next year. I can't wait x

  8. Wow! Looks so incredible. I've done loads of pockets of america but never here x


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