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Picking the right style for your home is a huge decision. Many of us will have felt this pressure as we flick through home magazines or scroll through Pinterest. There are just too many different styles and, if you’re like me, so many of them stand out. The fear is that you’ll choose one of these beautiful styles, create your room based on this idea, add all the finishing touches and then another, better style will catch your eye.

You really don’t want to be redecorating every month, so it’s so important to pick a style that you’ll still love in a year or so. Not to mention picking products that will last as long as your love. So don’t stress, take a few moments to really think about your style and the look you want, using these tips to help you out.

Start small

Don’t back yourself into a corner with no way out. By this we mean, don’t go into overdrive and decorate the entire house without giving yourself time to reflect on your design choices. This could mean just decorating one room to start with or even just changing a few choice pieces of furniture. This way you’ll save yourself time and effort if you decide it really isn’t for you.

Get inspired

Magazines and online imagery can be overwhelming. Having too many great options can leave us more confused than before. But don’t despair and don’t throw away these amazing assets, they can be useful just used in the right way. Pinterest is especially inspiring when it comes to home decoration. Even when it comes to choosing the simplest thing as the right colour, the range of ideas on this one site alone can fuel your ideas. Check out Dulux Decorator Centre’s Pinterest board for new, exciting colours and ideas each week.

Start logically

To really find a style that works for you, you need to pinpoint exactly what you don’t like about your current decoration and what you want to achieve through a new look. Maybe it’s too dull, uninviting or even garish. Make a list of not only what you want to change but why and use these to figure out how you’ll make the right choices.

Do a mini-makeover

Visualising your room is hard. What looks fantastic in that chic studio loft on Pinterest, may not suit your cosy family living room. Luckily there’s a way to combat this though. Using the wonders of technology and Dulux Decorator Centre you can see your newly decorated room right in front of your eyes without even lifting a paintbrush. This is all done through the Dulux Decorator Centre Visualiser App. Simply download the app to your mobile or tablet and use the camera to decorate your room in any colour or shade that takes your fancy.

Regretting your decoration choices can be the worst feeling. Not only have you put in time and effort to creating the look, but then if it’s not right you quite literally have to live with it every day. So regret no more, just make smart and beautiful design decisions.

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  1. I love making smaller changes to rooms to see how things work before going all out. But some great tips there thanks x

  2. These are good tips! I love checking Pinterest for home inspiration. xx

  3. Hey, Love the style you have on the blog. I totally agree with what you said. I just recently moved into my home. Before selecting, I took months to decide on what layout I want as I wanted to be sure it suited our lifestyle, our needs, and our future since this was going to be the last move (6 times in 10 years, you get fed up after a while lol). Then I kept clips and pinsterest boards of what I wanted on the inside for the kitchen colours, the floors, etc. It took me another couple of months to be sure of what I wanted. Finally, to decorate, for 6 months, I collected pinterest images and posted them so I'd have link backs. I went out of town to check out furniture, went around my city to various stores and kept an eye on websites thrift shops, and reselling sites like Kijiji. People thought I was a little coocoo but it was precisely because I wanted to be sure I was going to love it once it was done and not regret because it's expensive as much as I managed to get almost everything discounted or second hand or did it myself, it's choices you want to make sure you love for a long time. So I totally agree. I'd love if you can check out my blog. I will soon be posting about the home projects I had and what I did to furnish my house and save. I'm at I found you on SSS and decided to pop over to link up but maybe I'll back later when your post is up for link up. Thanks!


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