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Precious Moments with Ty Hafan

Even when the world seems like a mad place, full or rushing, lack of time or that one is being thrust into a hectic lifestyle, I am always very aware of how the smaller moments are what count and help to put everything into perspective. I am continually grateful for being blessed with two healthy boys, a warm home and good food to eat as there are many in this world who are not as lucky. As a family each year we choose a charity to support in what way we can so when the local welsh children charity Ty Hafan got in touch asking us to become one of their ambassadors we were extremely touched, especially as it does such amazing work for terminally ill children and of course said yes.

Ty Hafan have launched a campaign called #PreciousMoments which encourages people to share their precious moments with the rest of the world. Each Monday throughout November and December they share a new theme for the week across twitter and this week it was all about "Cwtches" the Welsh term for a cute and cosy hug. Make sure to come and join in with your Precious Moment

Here is little bit about what amazing work Ty Hafan does - since 1999 it's been looking after children with life-limiting illnesses and their families ensuring they can make the most of every precious moments all completely free of charge through the work of 700 volunteers and 235 members of staff and with more and more families needing their help annual costs are rising. £10 could pay for outreach play therapy for one family, £15 for half an hour of physiotherapy to relief a childs pain and £23 for an hour of support for a family.

We are currently saving a little bit of money each week and will be making a donation to the charity this Christmas time. You can do the same Here


  1. Ty Hafan does great work. I've supported them through their shops for years. Congrats on becoming an ambassador. :)

  2. This looks like a great cause to take part in. Thanks for sharing x

  3. A great charity, I'll have to join the precious moments hashtag. Have a lovely Friday.

  4. Aww what a fab campaign and look at you getting the two cutest cuddles! x

  5. Oh I've not heard of this, what lovely thing to share. Great post! Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary)

  6. They sound great, I hadn't heard of them before but I think the work charities like these do is so important. Mr C drifted a car show last weekend as part of a charity event for a little boy with an inoperable brain tumour, it was heartbreaking but he had the best day and I think making their lives as special as possible is amazing x

  7. Ty Hafan is a truly amazing place. I adore my cwtches with my children - I am so blessed. Kaz x

  8. It's so humbling to see the South Wales blogging community coming together for this campaign. They really do such amazing work. Gorgeous photos - precious moments indeed x

  9. I love campaigns like this that help to spread some positivity around the internet. There's so much sadness around the world, it's nice to see things like this too


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