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Every couple of weeks or so I love to go through my instagram feed and reflect on what we have been up to, it's serves as a mini diary and also occasionally when I feel we have not been up to much it actually shows me how those little moments captured are the best and even though life seems to be  on a conveyer belt at the moment with weaning, changing nappies, night feeds and teaching a 5yr old to read we have managed to fit a whole lot of fun into our life lately.

1. During my pregnancy I slightly over-indulged, something which I have never really allowed myself to do before, it was fun while it lasted but I know I feel better when I am kind to myself so starting the day with a bowl of low sugar nutty Granola, Greek yogurt and some fresh raspberries

2. Soaking up there last of the summer sun

3. Baby G is very mobile these days, crawling everywhere at hyper speed, pulling himself up onto everything and shuffling around the couch, he is little early doing these things which has meant we have had to baby proof everything in a rush. I think it's purely down to the fact he loves Mr A and desperately wants to play and run around with him

4. We celebrated Mr A turning 5yrs old - still cannot believe it's been five years

5. October is here which means collecting conkers, one of our favourite pastimes

6. We do love Autumn and all it's treasures

7. Reminiscing about our amazing holiday to Amsterdam and staying in this lovely Canal side hotel

8. I love to support small independent magazine and these two are great, especially Wildling magazine which is filled with beautiful photography and inspiring story on slow living and enjoying the little things, outdoors, wit your kids. Oh Lilla is also great, it's a blogger inspired magazine with loads to tips on parenting, style and everything in-between with some heart warming stories.

9. Once again we have been decorating our home with beautiful autumn leaves


  1. Perfect autumnal images! Happy October Laura!

    1. Thanks so much Amanda and happy October to you too :)

      Laura x

  2. beautiful photos! Isn't IG fab for capturing those little moments?

  3. Amazing photos, I also love Autumn, it's my favourite season :) x

  4. Gorgeous photos. Good luck with the baby proofing! I always think I'm done but the toddler will always find something.

  5. Such beautiful photos Laura, I love the one of the children lying down x

  6. What some gorgeous photos, conkers always seem to bring autumn to mind for me. x

  7. Gorgeous photos! They just scream Autumn at me....Happy October! Have a fab month! x

  8. Such wonderful autumnal images. I adore your feed, it is so lovely x

  9. This is such a lovely idea and a nice way to reflect on lovely memories! x

  10. Autumn is my favourite time of year - lovely photos to look back on:-)

  11. Some fantastic photos, Autumn is a great season for getting those fabulous colourful nature photos x

  12. Gorgeous photos - it's so lovely to have a record of what you have been up to - I love looking over old instagram photos =)

  13. I love Instagram - this is a lovely idea for a post. Cant believe your eldest little boy is 5! Kaz x


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