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camping with kids

Now some of you may think the Glamping season is over but it's really not. The first time we took Mr A camping was in May (and yes the nights where chilly) and we are off to stay in a converted horse box next month with Canopy & Stars so out come the thermals. thick blankets and cups of hot chocolate. Wether it be a yurt, bus, treehouse or anything in-between as long as your prepared you can go anytime of the year with a baby in tow.

When we took Baby G to the Just So festival in August he was 6 months old so we knew special preparations were needed to ensure he got a goodnight sleep without getting too cold or uncomfortable. We researched different sleeping options and it can be a little more tricky with babies as they cannot use standard kids or toddler sleeping bags but luckily The Gro Company make thick 3.5 tog winter sleep bags especially for babies which was perfect for our weekend in a Bell Tent. The winter warmer grobag is designed for those colder nights when room temperature drops below 16 degrees and you need something a little extra to keep little ones warm and cosy.

glamping with kids
Our Happy little camper

We learnt a few things in our preparation and thought it was perfect to share how we kept baby warm, especially as we embark on a glamping trip this November

1. There is a fine line between a baby getting too cold and layering too much that they over heat, so take a room thermometer with you and dress appropriately. If you are glamping and it becomes very very cold then your baby can wear a light hat at night to stop heat escaping.

2. If you know the room temp is going to drop below 16 degrees then it's worth investing in a thick tog sleep bag as it's easier to monitor the warmth than layering blankets which may get kicked off in the middle of the night.

3. When travelling and staying in places that don't have central heating make sure you pack gloves and socks to keep those extremities warm.

4. For the mornings make sure you have some thermals, thick jumpers and blankets to warm yourself up with as well as waterproofs for the daytime.

5. The gro company have also recently made special gro-suits perfect for winter nights which is made of 100% soft jersey cotton with a single fabric layer everywhere except the arms which has extra padding as it's to be used with the Winter grobag meaning every part is kept warm without the worry of overheating.

festival glamping

I have come across a fair few families who glamp and camp throughout the year with kids and we have always made sure to invest in good equipment, pack for the worst weather and use your common sense then there is really no reason why you can't. Are you planning on a late season glamping or camping trip?

Thanks to The Gro company for providing us with The Winter grobag for review 


  1. Great advice... we went glamping in August and it got very cold during the night, so this advice is always useful :) I wish we had taken more therml wear :/ would like to go again, but this time find somewhere close to the loos... we were quite far away from all the toilets/showers etc hahahaha xxx

  2. How cute is baby G! Great tips, I would have never thought about bringing a thermometer tbh. Love the Grow Company stuff! x

  3. The balance between them not being cold and not overheating is so hard! When we were glamping in France last year it was so cold that we had Tiger in nearly everything we had with us but then we had to keep getting up and checking him incase he was too hot! x

  4. A thick tog sleep bag is a really good idea and he looks adorable in it!

  5. Ooh we love camping and I remember taking F when he was small and how much I was stressing about keeping warm at night. These are great tips to keep warm at night. x

  6. My sister has one of these tents! I love it :) fab for little get togethers and of course glamping!

  7. Your babies are so delicious! I love The Gro Company for keeping my kids warm as babies x

  8. We love camping so thanks for the great tips as i'm sure we'll be going with the new baby next year. x

  9. Oh my goodness, HOW CUTE!? I don't think I could have got through the nights without Grobags! They totally took the stress out of bedtime & what to / what not to dress them in x

  10. Lovely babies... they are so cuuuute! :)

  11. Aw, love the little photo of him sticking his finger out. I think it's fab you are going camping all year round, what an amazing experience for them. Sounds like you are well-prepared with the sleeping bag! x


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