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Picking pumpkins

Pumpkin carving, crafting and dressing up for Halloween is too us a big part of what makes Autumn such a wonderful season, throw in stomping through leaves, puddle jumping and home baked goodies and your all set to go. Last year we bought some pumpkins from a lovely local community allotment and this year we had planned to plant our own but we had a bit of a break from our vegetable patch this year due to the birth of Baby G. So after we enjoyed some late season raspberry picking at Hendrewenno Farm in the Vale of Glamorgan we noticed they had a small pumpkin field which for a limited time allowed you to pick your own pumpkin so we made sure to head over last Friday morning and get one each for both of the boys.

We got one large one which we planned to carve this week and one small one we are going to paint while we are going to make some pumpkin pie with the leftovers. After we had made our picks we spent a relaxed morning in the cafe and the boys exploring the haystack and sandpit. This little outing was the highlight of our week in all its' simplicity.

We have slowly been adding little spooky touches to the house in the form of paper bunting, spider webbing and Mr A has been doing "scary" paintings of imaginary monsters. How are you going to be celebrating Halloween and if it's not your thing what do you do instead?

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  1. We love Halloween, we've been listing our favourite books, spooky costumes all week. We're going pumpkin picking and carving tomorrow as hopefully the weather will be dry. Love you photos and looked like the wee man picked up a pumpkin that was nearly bigger than him!! Woweee! #CountryKids

  2. Oh how lucky! I've been searching for a pumpkin farm nearby here in North Cornwall and found nothing. Zilch. Oh well. Lovely photos btw :) #countrykids

  3. aww we've never been to a pumpkin farm! Such a lovely idea and how big is that first pumpkin! I'm impressed A managed to pick it up! x

  4. That's fantastic you have a pumpkin farm nearby and an activity which always goes down well with the little ones. We're not hugely into Halloween at the mon- my daughter is still a bit young but we'll be doing some pumpkin carving #countrykids

  5. I love that you did this. I always wanted to go pumpkin picking. We've just picked ours up from a farm shop and will be drilling holes in it this week. We're not really into Halloween but more taking the opportunity to celebrate the changing seasons.

  6. I love the sound of your introduction to Halloween. It is a huge event here and i am busy planning out the day at the moment, no doubt I will share on a future Country Kids. One thing I can't find anywhere in Cornwall is a pumpkin patch. I love the look of these fields and the PYO nature of selecting your own pumpkin from the field. Looks like you had a lovely outing with some gorgeous family photos to remember it by. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  7. I love seeing people pumpkin picking, I really want to go, but have never been. Gorgeous pictures.

  8. Gorgeous pic of the boys. And I'm definitely going there next year. I've seen so many photos of pumpkin patches this year and am totally jealous! Had to resort to picking up a few giant ones from Sainsburys... but it just isn't the same.

  9. Lovely photos - we have been looking for a farm for a while, unfortunately this is a bit far for us in Sussex!! Hope you had lots of fun carving them :) #Countrykids


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