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Chateau de Chantilly

France is without a doubt a beautiful country and one worth exploring as there is so much more to it than the city of lights that is Paris or the luxurious and star studded Cannes in the south. We are hoping to do a big road trip through the French countryside in a camper van in the next few years as it's so close to the UK, in fact you can be exploring Picardy in the north within 4 hours of leaving UK shores via the ferry or for those who don't fancy driving you can always fly.

So where is Picardy exactly and why should you visit it? Firstly it's a region of Northern France and with stunning coastlines, heritage sites, traditional French cuisine and should not be overlooked as a destination. Here is why you should be booking a break to Picardie as the french would say.

A relaxing break

The Picardy region has more than 70 outdoor parks and gardens open to the public which offer a variety of walks in diverse countryside where you can get a chance to spot some wildlife or simply find a moment of calm, cycling is also popular in tis region with acres of trails along the coastline or countryside. Picardy offers a lot for both families and those who wish to get away from it all.

Action sports

If you are more of an adrenaline junkie than never fear there is a lot on offer for the more outgoing traveller. You will have the chance to try out something new as there is much available for both amateurs or professionals from speedsail and sailing to kayaking and waterskiing or a spot of horse-riding through countryside or coastline.

battlefields in France


The region of Picardy had a huge part to play in history and the First World War and the famous battle of Somme and for those who are interested in this part of History there is an abundance of sights, museums or combine nature and remembrance with a self-drive day trip to the battlefields now filled with poppies. No one can fail to be moved by a visit to one of the many memorials, cemeteries or museums.

French gourmet


Why not take in some of that laid back French lifestyle with a trip that celebrates the wonderful local cuisine, with so many amazing restaurants, eateries and world famous champagne houses as well as more simple affairs such as moules frites by the seaside Picardy is a real hotspot for gourmet and culinary discoveries. Its also fantastic for those who have a sweet spot and wish to sample some authentic creme Chantilly in Restaurant du Hameau in the grounds of the Chateau de Chantilly.

With so many different types of accommodation from 5 star spa and wine retreats to more relaxed family friendly campsites Picardy has something for everyone and like I said it's only a 4hour drive from London so why check out a selection of accommodation and trips Espri De Picardie has to offer

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  1. Really interesting post, feel very inspired to check out more about this part of France!

  2. We have been meaning to visit the battlefields for a few years to pay our respects

    1. We hope to do the same sometime in the near future

      Laura x

  3. There is definitely more to France than just Paris and I need to remember this next time I plan a trip. Some great tips, thanks x

  4. I've never really explored France that much other than Paris. It looks like a beautiful area. I would love to visit and taste the wonderful food.

  5. A great post. We've driven close to Picardy on our way to Brittany. With the awful events in Paris recently, it's a nice reminder of how beautiful the country still is.

  6. Wow it looks so beautiful! I love France and really want to visit more places there, this will now be added to my list of places to check into!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  7. Looks like you had an amazing time. Stunning images

    Umber x

  8. wow!! Check out that scenery!!! LOVE that Chateau - would be amazing to see! The idea of sitting like that on a still lake on a boat is so lovely - peaceful!!!
    Lovely post!!


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