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Street Style Sunday - Simplicity

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As with life things are always changing, another year passes, we slowly say goodbye to another summer, we get a little older and your tastes change, your outlook on certain things or how you really is a work in progress. Personally I know that I am more grateful and content than I have been before, I have realised how less really is more and that I get comfort from familiar things, fabrics, foods, flowers. So as the summer comes to an end I wanted to enjoy this indian summer in my favourite fabric - denim with this W collection chambray which I have paired up with a pair of Topshop black jeans, H&M hat, New Look bag and some stylish, sporty and also super comfy Etnies from The Board basement

Summer is my favourite season of the year although honestly it felt like it never really got started this year, we had a heat wave right at the start and then in Wales it pretty much rained from then onwards, all the playsuits, shorts, skirts and dresses never really got to be worn as much as I thought but we did enjoy lots of adventures, simple moments and the odd skate (which these shoes are also perfectly for) and I am secretly hoping we have an amazing indian summer this September to make up for the rain.

Remember to come and joining with Street Style Sunday and share what you have been wearing or what has been inspiring you this week


  1. Love the trainers Laura, great colour and the bag is great too. You always look stylish!

  2. I guess we are all finding it hard to say goodbye to summer. It was quite short.

  3. The perfect Autumn outfit - you look great! I am desperate for an Indian Summer, fingers crossed x

  4. Ooh I love the trainers and I'm really into simple blue shirts and the moment! I'm really hoping we'll get a bit more sun soon. x

  5. lovely simple outfit, you always rock a denim shirt! x

  6. Also holding out for an Indian summer here! Reckon we'll get one?! x

  7. I'm on the lookout for some new trainers and hadn't even considered Etnies. Might add these to my possible list now - they look lovely on you. x

  8. Such a simple outfit and a contented outlook. I'm in need of trainers too so will have to keep these in mind.

  9. You look great - inspired me to dig out my blue chambray shirt again x


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