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Street Style Sunday - Autumn crossover

John picked up this denim pinafore dress for me from Topshop for my birthday earlier this month and I have been enjoying wearing it with a long sleeve top from M&S which is perfect for the summer to autumn crossover, I have paired it up with some gold slip-ons from Zara.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year when you can start layering, wearing stylish jackets and it's no longer warm but neither is it so cold that you are uncomfortable, to me these mild days are fantastic for throwing different outfits together. Mr A has shaped his shorts for these cords from MiniClub and a Rugby jumper from Ralph Lauren.

I hope you can come and join in with Street Style Sunday and share what you have been wearing this past week


  1. you look great Laura, love that dress!

  2. lovely shot of you and A! you look so good in denim, I bet that's a really good bf dress too :) x

  3. That looks really good on you. I've been eyeing up a similar denim dress for a while now. I think I might take the plunge...

  4. You both look fab! I must join in with this linky one day too! x

  5. You've described exactly what I love about the temperature of Autumn. I'm really enjoying the gentle lead into the colder months.

  6. That's such a good dress (and perfect for breastfeeding). Love a good denim dress but it's hard to find a style that doesn't make you look like a giant toddler, isn't it? This one is great x

  7. That's a lovely colour combination, and aren't you lucky to have such a stylish husband?

  8. That looks like the most PERFECT denim dress! You look lovely in it, and I could see it being useful for colder weather too with a rollneck and tights and boots.

    I'm being a bit overdressed for this week's linkup and am linking up some bridal fashion!! xx

  9. John has good taste, you look super cute in that dress! x


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