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We were recently invited to come and try out the new kids menu at our local Strada in Cardiff Bay and I have to admit for some reason we had never visited this one before so we didn't quite know what to expect but we certainly left knowing we would visit again and when you see the food I am sure you will understand why.

Italian restaurant

Strada kids menu

One of our favourite things about travelling is trying the local food, we all love the flavours and freshness of Italian cuisine and the day of the review it was gloriously sunny in Cardiff, with Strada based in the heart of the bay with views across the harbour and sea it felt for a moment like we were on holiday.

When we arrived the staff were very friendly and made Mr A feel very welcome and brought over some crayons and balloons as the kids menu doubles up as an activity booklet. We decided to have some olives for starters, which Mr A loves alongside a little wine spritzer for ourselves.

When eating out we usually tend to go for slightly healthier choices although we do allow some treats such as ice-cream or a bowl of chips for our eldest and the kids menu offered lots of choice. I thought my son would of gone with a Margherita pizza but instead opted for veggie dippers to start which came with a rich tomato sauce and the Baked market fish fillet which was salmon. John had the Mega Whitebait which is basically crispy fried sprats, something but said it was great with the paprika and caper mayo.

fried sprats

baked Salmon

I had the vegetarian option of Beetroot and Ricotta bruschetta which was divine with some steamed chilli broccoli, it was lovely and light, leaving me plenty of room to indulge in the Pannacotta and seasonal berries for dessert. John couldn't resist the chargrilled steak for his main which he told me was cooked to perfection.

vegetarian food

Baby G who has started baby-led weaning even ha a go little bit of broccoli and throughly enjoyed the busy atmosphere. All the food was so fresh and served very promptly, both the boys were made to feel very welcome and it's perfect for families as the food was great, we could relax with a small glass of wine and Mr A was enjoying his activities and diving into his salmon before his bowl of Judes chocolate ice-cream. John also decided to treat himself to some dessert and went with the Affogato which is basically Judes artisan vanilla ice cream with with a shot of espresso poured over.

In terms of price it was very reasonable for what felt like a "special" night out as the kids menu is £6.50 and includes a starter, main, drink and dessert which I think is great value. When it comes to the adults you could take advantage of their Set Menu which is what we had with 2 courses coming in at £9.95 and three courses £11.90 - again fantastic value. I know personally we have spent a fair amount more on meals out without it come close to the quality of the food we found at Strada and would certainly recommend this for a family night out.


  1. Oooh all of this looks lovely. I haven't been to strada in years. Will definetley go back asap after seeing these lovely meals x

  2. The food looks great. Also in one of my favourite (though very, very rarely visited) locations. Havn't eaten in a Strada for a while but this looks very appealing. May have to visit soon.

  3. I went to Strada with my sister a few years ago and the food was lovely. I didn't realise they did a kids menu too x

  4. I've never been to a Strada before but I'm keen to now! The food looks amazing!

  5. I like the look of the chilli steamed broccoli. Nice to see veggies that are different for a change.

  6. All this food look amazing. I love your photos.
    The price is also very good! That pannacotta looks soo yummy! :D

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes


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