Best Skin Care Tips For Mum, Dad and Baby


The importance of skin care cannot be overstated and developing good habits from a young age contributes immensely to healthier and smoother skin in later years. In addition to a balanced diet and physical activity, everyone should employ a skin care ritual comprised of quality and skin-appropriate products.

A good family home kit should include everything from hypoallergenic cleansers to broad spectrum sunscreens, with specific products for every family member. You each need products tailored to your individual needs and ages. From men’s grooming to the best baby cleansing products, we’ve comprised a helpful guide of the must-have skin products for your family and how to properly apply them.

Men's Moisturisers

Men’s grooming store, Regal Gentleman want more men to understand that ‘a bit of mens moisturiser here and there is going to benefit’ you. As you age your skin begins to lose its natural elasticity and can mature faster than you want it to, especially if you’re up at nights feeding your baby.

To help keep your skin hydrated while minimising fine lines, pick up Jack Black Line Smoother Oil Free Moisturiser. The natural oil-free feeling allows for a light hydrating layer to your skin. Rub a small amount onto your face after a shower to keep skin hydrated all day long.

Use A Cleanser Post Make-Up Removal

For those who wear make-up, the removal process can cause damage to the skin. Even if you aren’t using treatment wipes but instead using a soft cloth and water, your skin is still sensitive enough to need some TLC after.

For the sensitive areas around the eyes, where skin is particularly soft, look for the products like Gentle Cleanse & Makeup Remover. The use of natural ingredients and being both paraben and alcohol free (found in many high street face washes) will minimise damage to the skin. Cleansers are important for the whole family, from teenagers to grown adults, as they help to remove dead skin cells, excess oils and any pollutants that are sitting on the top layer of the skin. 

Delicate baby skin requires gentle and hypoallergenic products

Any parent or Doctor will tell you how sensitive a baby’s skin is. Especially within the first month, and even the first year, of a child’s life, as their skin is learning to deal with the outside world it was protected from in the womb.

Baby wipes are cheap, disposable and therefore convenient. But the mass market means that chemicals are used to keep these wipes smelling good and staying damp. As a result, the preservatives in the wipes are causing red rashes on some children.

While this doesn’t mean you can’t use baby wipes, seek out ones that are hypoallergenic and free from added scents. This way you can avoid any red reactions on sensitive skin.

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  1. Great skin care tips for the family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips. It's so important to take makeup off before bed. The amount of people I know who don't amazes me!

  3. Great tips! Skincare is so important to me, so it was great to read this :)

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Your baby is so gorgeous! Great tips too. 😃

  5. Great tips, they're very helpful for us, new mom and dad ^^
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  7. Thanks for some brill tips. Skincare can often be overlooked and really is a sign of good health. It is amazing how much more healthy a person looks when they look after their skin. And it's applicable for the whole family too as you article shows!


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