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It's been a pretty long and hard week with the baby waking up around twice every night and then Mr A being up ready for the day at 7am it's no wonder I am feeling a little bit under the weather this weekend. I know some downtime, restful sleep and good food will do the world of good. This weekend I am going to make time to relax, have a cup of tea, ready some magazines and cosy up with some blankets on the sofa.

Scandinavian interior
Love this simple scandi interior style 

Unfortunately our sofa is on the way out, one of the feet has bent in a way that cannot be fixed and is being propped up by my sewing case which is not ideal but does the job, although now it's also starting to go in the middle so on this occasion I may have to over-ride my "make do and mend" mentality and start looking around of a new one. In a way thats not a bad thing as neither of us really loved the sofa when we bought it a few years ago, it was just practical at the time but thinking about how much time we spend sitting on it as a family it's something you should really invest a little bit of money into as a quality sofa can last for years and classic styles such as a Chesterfield in fact look better with age and I am really lusting after this beautiful one from Furniture Village, like I said it's a pretty big investment but it's the type of furniture that we would keep possibly for the rest of our life.

Another sofa that also caught my eye is this simple and sleek Bond Street extra large sofa in grey as it's a little bit more fun and family friendly and can imagine the boys jumping up and down and cozying up on it for a film on a chilly winter night.

stylish interior

We have a few things that need to be replaced and purchased for the house over the next year, such as a "big boy" bed for Mr who is outgrowing his toddler one and of course replacing the sofa before it falls through all together, other things can wait as we are pretty minimal as a family but these are two things that we use daily and are apart of what make a house a home.

The two boys relaxing 

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  1. I got married about 5 months ago, and we had to buy furniture for the new house... for our sitting room we got a creamy coloured corner, the seats are huge and very comfortable. I wasn't sure at first because of the colour, like I was too worried that it can dirty very quickly but I really really loved it so I got it. It probably isn't the best option for families with kids, but it's just me and my husband so it's okay haha :D

    1. Oooh I do love a cream sofa Diana and enjoy it while you can before kids come along :)

      Laura x

  2. Love the grey sofa. I have two lovely grey sofas from DFS. They have multicoloured buttons on the back which look amazing! Great post and also how cute are your boys!!

  3. What a lovely photo of your boys, they are so handsome, I bet you are so proud of them.

    I like the grey sofa. It's amazing how a sofa like this can really make a room.

  4. I really like the grey sofa, it's totally me. Good luck buying the big boy bed :)


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