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So we were hoping to have put the house on the market by now but with the arrival of Baby G things have slowed down a bit and now we are aiming for the end of the year, but in the meantime we are trying to find ways to cut costs, improve the house and hopefully save some money in the process. When it comes to saving a few pennies the home is the perfect place to start.

Even small changes can save you a fair amount over a year especially when using what you have at hand. The more you put in the more potential savings you can have as well as being more green and environmentally friendly. Here are a few ideas of how to make your money go little further

Homemade sugar scrub

1. Start making your own skincare products - we use them month in and month out so it's worth getting to grips with making your own and it's pretty easy to do by mixing a few key ingredients such as coconut oil, vitamin E oil and lavender oil to make a nice light moisturiser.

2. Cut those TV packages - with Netflicks who really needs cable anyway? We tend to not watch much TV at all anymore especially as everything seems to be reality shows these days which is not something we are interested in at all and I get all my world news updates online so it was a really easy switch for us to do and instantly lowered our monthly bill.

3. Declutter your home - Summer is the perfect time to do this, go through each and every room and get rid of anything you do not need or use anymore. This will help make some space, clear your mind but you can also sell any unwanted clothes, furniture or bits and bobs so not only will you make a little bit of money but you will also get some cleaning done in the process which is a win win.

Trying to keep out kitchen clutter free can be hard

4. Lower your thermostat by 5 degrees and you won't notice a difference at all but still make some savings, especially in summer, make the most of the warmer months and keep your heating down to a minimum in winter but putting on thick jumpers or using blankets first.

5. Make sure your windows are double glazed - this is a very important one and even though it costs some initial outlay it will make a huge difference and is one of the most effective ways to improve the insulation of your home.

At some point we need to replace the windows in our living room which are bit drafty

We are actually in the process of replacing some of windows as it's also a very good selling point for when we come to put the house on the market and after having been burnt with a washing machine company (our washing machine broke a few weeks ago) we have also realised how important it is to make sure you pick a reputable company when it comes to the bigger changes in your home such as choosing a Double Glazing company.

We now have three rules we use when picking a company to use

1. Always make sure you get a few different quotes to make sure you get a fair price and not get ripped off.

2. Look for a local company that can provide references and examples of their work.

3. Know your rights as a consumer, be clear about what you want to achieve and make sure you get something in writing before you start.

Of course there are many other ways to bring down costs in the home and learning how to make do and recycle is a great place to start, as well as being on top of your out-goings and making sure you’re not paying for anything you’re not using such as gym memberships or unnecessary magazine subscriptions. Also making small improvements to your home that are efficient and environmentally friendly are also always a good idea as keeping your carbon footprint down as well as the bills is a win win all round.

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  1. It's a great idea to look at your TV packages - pretty sure I have Sky, Netflix AND Amazon Prime Video and yet I pretty much just watch recordings of The Hotel Inspector and Millionaire Matchmaker :-)


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