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The one thing you should never overlook in your home is lighting as it can make such a massive difference to your room. We have pretty low ceilings in our house otherwise I would love to hang some pendant lights in the living room and kitchen but for now we have two large floor lights in our living room to brighten things up and spot lights for the kitchen. In fact one of the first things we changed about our house was the hallway light - well florescent strip the last owners left behind (which was so ugly). Of course in the dream world we would all have floor to ceiling windows and summer would actually mean long days of sunshine and natural light would pour into our homes but alas this is not the case so making sure you have invest in some decent lighting is important no only to bring in some style into your interior space but also for your emotional wellbeing. I have put together my four favourites from Lighting Majestic which have a huge selection and where we recently got our new floor lamp.

lighting inspiration

Thanks to Lighting majestic for recently sending us a floor lamp


  1. My husband likes different types of lighting in our house and it does make a huge difference to the mood you want to convey. I wish we had a reading lamp though as it's hard to read by candle light lol

  2. Great lighting is really important. I do like that bottle design lamp x


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