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fairy wood

We are always on the lookout for new places to explore and have adventures in and we have recently come across the Mountain Ranch on the top of Caerphilly Mountain, which is perfect for the outdoor loving family. There is a fairy glen tucked away in the forest which lots of beautiful little fairy doors which adds to the magic of the place and I try to savour these type of places while Mr A still has his imagination intact as well as his belief in mythical creatures that only really exists when your a child.

magic forest

Mountain ranch

On the two occasions we have visited Mountain ranch we have spent a few hours explore the acres of land and various routes and walks you can take including a Gruffalo trail and Indian Village with teepees. The last time we were there lots of wild garlic was growing as well as bluebells and there is a huge tree that came down in the storms last year which they have left for children to climb. It's simple outdoor fun at it's best.

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  1. Oh my just look at all that wild garlic! I must say back in May sections of the farm here looked like that too, I love the smell and chuck handfuls into all my casseroles. Such a wealth of imagination here, I love the fairy door and path, it is the one thing missing from our fairy garden at the moment. I love that Mr A dressed up for the occasion, it always adds to imaginative adventures. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. Wow looks like a brilliant place for all the family to explore, love the photos

  3. Looks very interesting experience, children should be like this.

  4. Awww that looks lovely! We've got a few forests near us, we haven't been this year yet, definitely on the list of things to do over the school holidays. X

  5. There is a wood near us that I like to go for long walks in. I find it so peaceful there.

  6. Lovely. I miss my forest while travelling. I've heard fabulous things about the Gruffalo trail.

    Tea in the Tub

  7. What a beautiful place! Love the fairy door he he, so cute. I love your photography btw. #countrykids


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