3 stunning buildings to inspire your home design


View of the Shard

No matter how well you think you’ve kitted out your living room, everyone will agree that interior design isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone. It takes an eye for colour, imaginative thinking and the knack for picking up a bargain from almost anywhere. The transformation of space comes can at times be hit or miss if you don't have some kind of plan in place.

But building on the occasional failings of others and learning from their mistakes can help with your future projects but only so much, you still need to search for some kind of inspiration – especially when there are plenty of buildings brimming with fantastic quality.

Here are just three of hundreds of inspiring buildings in the world to leave you brimming with inspiration.

stylish interior
One of the Shard apartments (image)

The Shard

Sometimes we all want a little fantasy in our homes and what more inspiring and fantastical than that of The Shard in London, an inspiring and unique landmark rising about the vibrant capital. It pushed the boundaries of design and those floor to ceiling windows offer the most incredible view. 

You really would be hard pressed to visit the Shard without being left full of ideas and interior inspirations, from private apartments to award winning restaurants, offices and even garden space in this vertical triumph of a building it truly is a special place.

Beautiful archways in the National Gallery (image)

Artistic flair

Edinburgh is a city that’s brimming with great architecture. This is a city with centuries of building styles to draw upon. And in its recent refurbishment of the Scottish National Gallery, you can easily see how to update a craggy old building.

First opened to the public in 1859, the gallery space has retained it Victorian regal nature in each of its iterations. But amidst the rich cornicing and classical paintings is an unmistakeably modern feel.

This sense of the new is what’s kept the collection fresh – and why it still leaves a rich impression on visitors every year. 

modern interior
How amazing is this glass house (image)

Don’t throw stones this way

All some people want is a wonderful conservatory to face their garden. But a homeowner in Texas, USA, has gone one step further – they’ve created an entirely glass house at a lakeside.

Their views stretch over 23,000 acres of Roundtop, Texas, and they can see almost anything they like in the surrounding area thanks to the height of the building.

Coupled with an open-floor plan, this is a space that has become one with the great outdoors. Can you imagine anything better than staring over the great ranges of Texas before you go to sleep?

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