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How beautiful is this outdoor space and pool (image)

I have always been attracted to unusual properties and I find it hard to deal with living in what I would call an "ordinary home" and even though I have pretty much given up on trying to persuade John to live in a houseboat or a double decker bus I do think that the possibility of building and designing our own home is not completely out of the window especially since the recent Tiny House revolution has swept across the US and is now hitting UK shores.

As you can imagine I love watching Grand designs and I am a true believer in that everyone has the right to pursue happiness, I am not talking about fame, fortune and an excess of material things but rather being able to create a space that you are happy with and want to enjoy your time in and a place you can call home.

I love the Tiny home revolution happening at the moment  (image)

To me there are a variety of options when it comes to my dream home, an airstream, a houseboat, a small bay fronted victorian house, a traditional cob cottage or a small but well thought out tiny house with ingenious storage compartments, in fact the idea of only having just enough space to be comfortable rather than loads of excess space appeals to me and I find the older I get the more minimalist I become. I have been on a mission to declutter my life lately and wanting to get rid of a lot of what I own and replacing it with less but better quality goods and the idea of designing my own home and being able to dress it up at the end is a very exciting prospect.

I love this quirky greenhouse, outdoor space is very important to us (image)

I think if we decided to go with a tiny house we would have just enough of what we needed in terms of indoor space, my interior theme would be of Scandi inspiration with exposed wood and white walls as well as bringing as much natural elements inside. Outdoor space is also ver important to me, growing up in South Africa it was something we were not short of and even though we have a small garden now we try and make the most of it and try and spend as much time outdoors as possible especially in the summer months. The important thing is to have an idea of what you want the end outcome to look like but be open to new ideas as well and keep being inspired.

I am really excited for what the future holds as we are aiming to put our property on the market at the end of this year as we are not really sure where or what our next house will be all I know is that I cannot wait to create a home and more permanent base for our family and as long as we are together that is what really matters, as they say "the home is were the heart is"

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  1. I'm new to your blog, there are so many bloggers out there it takes ages to circle around and normally I cross paths with the same blogs.
    I love yours! Photos content and personal writing is just great! :) I'll deffinately be coming back!

    All the best! Amy x (The Creative Fitness Channel)

  2. I agree a small space with scandi inspo, the thought of exposed wood makes me so happy :) I love the idea of big spaces but it would be so impractical although I do like a large garden. Having a big dog means we need the outdoor space more than the indoor plus I would create a wonderful place each for us. Good luck when you come to sell your house & I hope you find the perfect place for you & your family.

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

  3. I adore Grand Designs too, but do you get house envy like me lol? Have you seen those incredibly small spaces that are multi-purpose - basically one room with a fold out bed, hidden kitchen and tiny lounge area? Amazing what can be done with excellent design!

  4. That green house is fab! I also have lots of different houses that could be my dream, ranging from tiny up to big barn conversions x

  5. Clearly my dream home would be my own animal shelter hah! x

  6. Part of me would love to go live somewhere small. Our life is too cluttered with stuff. I'm not actually sure whether I'd cope longterm though!


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