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Ralph Lauren children
Mr A in his Create your own Polo

When we went to London in July we had the chance to pop into the Ralph Lauren Store on bond street which offer The Create your Own Polo experience in-store, a really unique concept where you can design your own polo and make something truly unique, a great present for the other half.

Ralph Lauren Bond St
The lapel options and lettering of the Create Your own Polo

John loved the idea as you can pick what fit and finish you want, big or small pony, custom embroidery and placement and of course colour and finish. The process usually takes around an hour in-store but due to being on a time limit we decided to finish John and the little mans order online, which may I say is easy and efficient and something I am going to be locking away for Birthdays and Christmas's to come.

The Create your Own experience in Ralph Lauren, London

We thought it would be a great keepsake for both Mr A and John and we may even make it a yearly thing, as it would be great to see how the little man grows and it's an experience the boys can share. So when our orders arrived, beautifully packaged, in a lovely RL box they couldn't wait to get them open them

Ralph Lauren Polo

Now this is not the first RL item Mr A has owned, we have always had some classics on hand for special outings such as shirts and chinos but this is actually the first proper polo Mr A has owned so we thought we would customise it with RL 13 and I love how discreet it is. It took us a while to decide what colour to go with but feel this shade of blue is perfect for a boy and lovely on a sunny day.

Male model

John decided to go with something classic and a polo he could wear daily and opted for a black custom fit with a small polo and initials in the same place as Mr A's. In a way we went for safe options as you really can be as colourful as you want but we wanted to create sentimental time pieces for the boys over what was our best summer weather wise and we couldn't be happier.

Ralph Lauren family

The quality of course is of the highest standards and really is a great idea for the men in your life as I know it's something we will keep forever and is very special for the boys.

father and son

RL were kind enough to let us review the Create your own experience, our views are 100% our own.


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  2. I love your blog as well as your boy.
    So cute.
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  3. These pics are great! Thank you so much for sharing! Adorable!!

    1. Hi Cindy

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