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Well with Mr A's third birthday this month and finally getting round to buying him a proper bed (he is a major wriggler and has only calmed down enough recently to be moved into a "big bed") it has also made me think about updating his room on a whole. I love his room except it's a little bit young and now that his personality is out in full force I really want to pick up a few things that are more him.

We are strong believers in quality over quantity and investing in quality pieces. I love that his little chest of draws was picked up at an antique store and restored by my mother. We also love traditional characters such as Peter Rabbit and Paddington Bear and it goes without staying that we opt for well built wooden toys that leave a little bit more to the imagination than bright flashy plastic toys. At the moment he is really into tractors and his train set.

Ikea train set

I have put together some simple tips on updating your child's bedroom

1. Buy quality, long lasting toys and furniture, although do shop around for the best price and don't be afraid to rummage around in charity shops, they can be real treasure troves and as long as it's well made you can transform boxes, crates and old furniture into something unique.

2. Shop to your child's loves not just your own. I don't mean decorate the room in top to tow with Fireman Sam but maybe have a few personal touches that invites your child to play and spend time in his/her own space, this could be in the form of a wooden firetruck for example or some colourful books.

3. Brighten up the room with interesting and fun prints, bedding and pillows and let your inner creative run wild. Children love colour so everyone wins.

4. Find things that are both beautiful and practical, there is nothing like a well designed piece of furniture that is pleasing to the eye and simple to use.

5. A child's room is place for magic, play and imagination, it's not tied down by the reality of the world, so why not have stars on the ceiling or little gnomes and fairies hiding in nooks and crannies.

So on a mission to create the perfect kids bedroom I have picked out a few key pieces from the online store Alex and Alexa which has beautiful fashion and interior's for little ones that are high quality, creative and matches both my own needs and my sons. These are my favourite picks

Organic cushion
Organic cotton Mr Robot cushion £25.50

boys bedroom
Blue crochet pouffe £66

Print cushions £43

In my heyday growing up in Cape Town, where the weather is good and spending hours on end outdoors everyday, I was very much into surfing and skateboarding, something which my son is starting to show an interest in too and when I came across these skateboard deck shelves and chair I knew I just had to have it, this one I am locking away for christmas time. It combines design and practicality as well a creative spin on something.

skateboard chair
Skateboard shelf £56 and skateboard chair £99 - I love both!

As I said a child's room is a place of imagination and fun and I love things like this cloud which is very cute. What would you like to get for your child's room?

kids room
Multi-colour rain cloud £15

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  1. Hi Dora

    Thanks so much, I know it's super cute :)

    Laura x

  2. Love those robot cushions. Kids rooms are the most difficult I find as they are ever changing. We're just re-doing the girls playroom ... they have so much stuff!

    1. Hi Anthea

      I know, as soon as you get it how you want it they are into different things or grown out of that look, like our little man, his room is a bit babyish, hence why we are updating it

  3. It's the first time I come into your blog, I like it very much!I follow you now on GFC, if you like my blog follow me back, it'd be a pleasure for me! xoxo
    This room is so beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and following me :)


  4. Lovely to see a child's room filled with quality items and so tastefully. What a lucky child to have a mom that makes such a special room. My mom let me paint pictures on the walls of my room. I will always remember this as such a positive feeling.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Hi Ann

      That's so funny, my mother also let me paint on the wall, it's great to be expressive in that way :)
      Thanks for stopping by

      Laura x

  5. Excellent post - Great, detailed information and engaging graphics. This is what an infographic post should be.
    Leathers Craze


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