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Thought I would bring another interior instalment as we make me dreams and plans to our new home (when we finally move). This week we have been thinking about walls and how to make the walls that surround you, individual, unique and interesting and they should not be something you looked over.

Bring a hint of aesthetic beauty to walls in a home or office with classic and modern uniqueness. By decorating bare regions with stunning mirrors, shelves, pictures, or other specialty wall hangings, a fresh new look will be achieved. Check out some of the ideas for creating different moods and scenes with today's selections.

interior inspiration

Mirrors and Space

Be gone with a plain mirror, sandwiched between two level sconces. Instead, make a journey of space and movement with mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Mirrors are great for bringing focus and light to a room, picking up light from all angles. Get really creative and chose a clock embedded in a mirror and accented with bursts of crystal or metal to draw energy. Place off-center and cascade small round mirrors down from the clock for an amazing reflection.

beautiful mirror

Shelves, Racks and Hooks

Not every wall demands a focal point and in these common spaces, use a stylish shelf, rack, or hooks, to add a touch of color. Use the shelf to show off a picture easel with a cherished picture or ceramic piece. Small pictures or plaques can be scattered about or used in a grouping. If only a tiny bit of color is needed, look at wall hooks that portray a fresh and clean eye-catcher, without being overbearing.

designer room

Pictures that Tell a Story

There are thousands of pictures to choose from, but by selecting a scene that tells a story, the walls seem to burst into life. For example, pressed flowers, live plant scenes or geometric designs can create a different appearance, depending on the time of day. Watch how one leaf can appear to grow or change color. A geometric design will transform into different objects by being in a particular mood. Use several like-scenes and make a block or extend side by side. In addition to bringing a unique flavor to the wall, the whole group of pictures will be intriguing and fun.

picture frames

Unusual Wall Decor

Rooms can tire after years of staying the same. Wall plaques and unusual accents of metal, wood or color, can change the appearance of a room on demand. A home office or study is the perfect place to try out wall pieces that have a different type of quality. Work can get boring and by bringing in an abstract work of art, a gear wall clock, or circles of mirrors, the mind is suddenly at rest and entertained. 

Wall clock

Find a touch of class for walls, on the Internet, through sites such as The Bombay Company. Here, examples of modern, luxurious, unique, cheerful, and classic wall decor, are available to deliver a breath of fresh air into rooms. By using walls as a means of changing decor, the change is simple and affordable. Creativity has never been so easy. By exploring the possibilities of great, new wall designs online, ideas will flow easily, to form the perfect feeling and scene.

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  1. Oh i love that third picture, it's stunning!

  2. Hi Frank
    Thanks so much for stopping by - yes I love the third one as well, full of ideas and colour :)

    Laura x

  3. The idea for those shelves and racks is just beautiful and inspirational!

  4. I am pretty much in love with the shelves idea. It seems a great way to give a blank wall an aesthetic look. And it could also be used to place and display pictures and other cute stuffs too.


  5. Where is the grey chair from? I love it.


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