London is Burning as Fashion week arrives



Wow! There is no place more happening or more exciting than London during London Fashion Week. I usually attend LFW for at least a day or two but this year due to being in the middle of a house move, work commitments and various other things on this occasion I had to give it a miss but that does not mean I don't keep track of the trends from afar, and it only makes me more excited for the February edition next year, which I will be attending. If you are like me and just missed out don't despair because you still have London Fashion Weekend to look forward to from 19th-22nd which is basically a condensed version of the full week but this time for the public, I am actually going to be in the big smoke over that weekend for the MADS Blog awards and may try stop by if I have the chance.

London Fashion Week
A Yung Du design from a show I attended a few seasons back

What I love about Fashion Week is the speed, everything happens at a super fast pace, I love all the new trends,the street style, being able to browse collections and discovering new designers.
Designers/brands I have my eye on this year are Daks, Jean-Pierre Braganza, Mary Katrantzou and Erdem, as well as my favourite showroom collection - Estethica, which showcases designers committed to working eco sustainably. What are you most looking forward to?

Street style
Some street style at Somerset House

Top Tips for surviving London Fashion Week

1. Always have two pair of shoes with you at all times, one pair of heels for the shows and a pair of flats for the running around form venue to venue.

2. Whatever you do do not forget your business cards, London Fashion Week is for industry only and you won't get far without one, you will be pulling them out a lot more than you think.

3. Be organised, know where you have to be and at what time, no one is going to wait for you and if your late, you miss out, simple as that.

4. Do a little research, especially if your going to watch a show by a new designer.

5. Don't be nervous to network and talk, it's a great opportunity to meet other people, especially other bloggers and once again don't forget your business card.

6. Use social media to it's full extent and share the goodtimes with all your followers, plus it's also a great way to keep in touch with other bloggers at LFW

7. I also budget for using both TFL London Underground and the Black cabs as sometimes time really is of the essence and combining the two often ensures you will arrive at the various venues scattered across the city on time.

London Fashion week showcase
A beautiful Ruti Danan design from her showcase

No anyone knows when the go to London, it's not only the perfect place to have fun with fashion, as everything goes but you also really need to research where you stay. John and I always give ourselves a budget of around £100 for the night and with standards of hotels ranging from boutique to basically awful, taking time to read reviews and knowing exactly where you are staying has always stood us in good stead and we have never been disappointed with our hotel, especially the last too boutique hotels we got at a discounted price in Kensington and Soho. We usually combine TripAdvisor and a reputable booking company like Hotel Direct for our accommodation needs in the city, booking early always helps.

Stylish girl
Me in the mirror room in-between shows, running around like a mad person

I cannot wait to see the live feeds and films from the shows this year and all the new trends and designers. I hope it's full of colour and fantasy.

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  1. Oh my stars that giraffe dress is ADORABLE!!

  2. I know right, it's super cute, I want one :)

    Laura x


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