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Ahh you know when you dream of what you will be when you grow up or things you would like to do...where you see yourself living..well here are three things I am thinking needs to happen at some point...like living in a house boat, with lots of flower pots (there is a houseboat in Bristol that has my name on it!!)

While living on a houseboat I would still however need some wheels so besides a bicycle (which is a given) I have to get my hands on a Morris traveller...what a beautiful van. I love road trips and this would be perfect. I once drove from the West Coast of Scotland (Mallaig) to Lands End in Cornwall, where I camped beside's beaches and surfed a lot (most do a retrospective blog post about it sometime) in a banged up Corsa combo van that has a flower sticker on the front and a single mattress in the back...so too me this little Morris would be pure luxury and stylish at that.

One more thing to complete the dream would be a little french bulldog......we hope to get one this year....but what to call such a cool dog hmmm Jean Claude or Wolf perhaps?


  1. I am in love with your last picture! Great shoes

  2. the bikini in the first pic is amazing!

    come say hello-

  3. What fun - dreams are essential! Go for it! Found you on SITS!

  4. Cute last pic!



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