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So this is just a super quick post....John and I realised that we eat out quite a bit, sometimes for lunch or a quick coffee or a nice meal date but we don't blog about it that much so we have decided to incorporate it into the blog as I am also a very keen healthy eating cook, as I cook all our meals and get much enjoyment doing so...but every now and then I give John a break from my sugar free banana and apricot muffins and we have a little sweet treat out. Now we are huge fans of independent coffee shops and pretty much avoid chain stores and we have to be honest that we didn't actually know BB's Coffee and muffins was a chain (mainly do to there new logo design and look) but the quirky interior of the Cardiff St Davids store pulled us in along with a large selection of muffins (cupcakes are so last year) and friendly staff, we thought we would take a look. The coffee was very good and I had no problems getting mine made with soya milk. We shared a very yummy blueberry muffin and we loved the mix matched chairs and monotone tiles. I think I may be back to try and the wholegrain raspberry muffin soon.

All full after a blueberry muffin and cappacino

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